Car Wars’ Carrier Registration Solution Improves Outbound Call Connectivity
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Car Wars’ Carrier Registration Solution Improves Outbound Call Connectivity

Car Wars‘ new Carrier Registration offering authenticates outbound caller IDs to help dealers combat the “spam likely” indication on their outbound calls to customers.

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With increasing spam sensitivity and call blocking by national phone carriers, outbound calling efforts from legitimate businesses are at a heightened risk of being mistakenly flagged as spam and blocked before reaching the intended target. This increasing problem is plaguing dealers’ follow-up efforts with customers and potential prospects.

With Carrier Registration, Car Wars dealers can be confident their calls are getting through to customers’ phones regardless of which phone provider the customer utilizes. Carrier Registration registers outbound caller ID numbers across major carriers to reduce call blocking and tagging of outbound calls.

“It’s crucial for our clients to be able to successfully reach their customers on outbound calls for legitimate customer communications,” said Kelly Ford, product director of Car Wars. She continued, “Our goal is to design solutions that support our clients’ ongoing needs. We’ll proactively monitor registered numbers and handle the appeal process if a carrier flags one and update you along the way.”


As a result, dealers have complete insight into the registration statuses of numbers within a centralized area in your dashboard. When a number is flagged, the number is proactively run through the registration process with live updates along the way.

Outbound spam is a growing concern for many businesses that rely heavily on outgoing phone calls. Being at the forefront of phone handling technology, Car Wars continues to be the trusted partner in optimizing phone processes and providing innovative tools to support its clients. Learn more about Carrier Registration and Car Wars’ full suite of solutions by visiting or contact [email protected].

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