New Benchmark Data Suite Using KPIs for Dealer Decision Making

New Benchmark Data Suite Using KPIs for Dealer Decision Making

Simplify data management and with a platform that analyzes metrics across digital marketing, inventory, lead handling, sales, and finance.

Benchmark Automotive Data, an automotive suite for actionable decision making across the dealership, announced the launch of Benchmark Data Suite, their platform designed to easily track and manage important data in one location for better decision making and profitability.

New Benchmark Data Suite Using KPIs for Dealer Decision Making

The software suite includes a user-friendly dashboard that offers analysis and reporting across key dealership areas including digital marketing, inventory retailing, lead handling, sales performance and finance performance. This provides a unified and accurate view that empowers dealerships to optimize operations, enhance customer experiences and drive profitability.

“I’ve worked with auto dealerships for over 20 years and often hear the main challenge they face is disparate data systems not giving them the full picture of operations in order to succeed across the board,” said Dan Trinidad, founder of Benchmark Automotive. “This suite is a way to solve those pain points and bring them an easy data management tool that helps them thrive and stay competitive in their market.”

The following dashboards are available within Benchmark’s Data Suite:

  • The Marketing Dashboard displays the metrics that matter most on one page including everything from a detailed breakdown of leads, to cost per lead, to Google Analytics campaigns, enabling marketers to spend only on the most impactful campaigns.
  • The Inventory Dashboard displays key KPIs for used car and aged inventory, enabling quick in-month adjustments to keep margins intact.
  • The Lead Handling Dashboard gives users access to all of the lead KPIs in one centralized location in order to make quick and informed decisions for increased conversion rates.
  • The Sales Performance Dashboard easily measures key sales metrics and goals and tracks the performance of your sales team, as well as identifies areas for improvement.
  • The Finance Dashboard gives access to a complete picture of finance and insurance (F&I) performance, with all necessary key performance indicators tracked to help identify opportunities for growth and improvement.

“Adding Benchmark to Horne Auto Group has been a game changer,” said April Simmons, corporate internet and marketing director at Horne Auto Group. “The dashboard has streamlined our decision making by pulling everything together into one spot so we can easily identify areas for improvement and opportunities. At its core, Benchmark sets goals at the individual level and then holds everyone accountable to do their part.”

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