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When Converting Silos to Seamless Workflow, Software’s Not Just Software

How do the choices you’re considering help you break down the silos that cripple communications and efficiency?

Dennis McGinn is the founder and CEO of Rapid Recon

Last month’s column asked dealership execs to consider that software is not just software when evaluating purchase options.

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For example, when evaluating reconditioning software, how do the choices you’re considering help you break down departmental and information silos that cripple seamless communications and frustrate work efficiency? 

The most fantastic software on the planet won’t help much if the inputs needed to fuel its engine are disrupted, confused and delayed. Often, these problems are a case of management not knowing what it doesn’t know. 

Top-down decisions from general managers, chief financial officers and even CEOs sometimes lead to missed opportunities when looking at reconditioning software. These individuals can value “latest and greatest” and cost savings promises over more profound advantages that a deeper evaluation might bring to the surface, leading to a different decision. 


Software is not just software, because the right software is critical for converting work and breaking down information silos across your reconditioning processes. And ease-of-use by actual users is king.

Its first step in dismantling broken communications processes is creating transparency for all the information related to work. The right software is a tool to manage group and individual accountability as well as share performance metrics across the platform from lot tech to dealer principal.

Mobile technology keeps the players well-connected and equips communications, approvals, changes, assignments and progress metrics to be monitored and managed in real time.

Recon software influences every other department, from used car pricing to contracts in transit. All promises need to be verified:
• Obtain evidence-proven functional reasons for the need itself and the solution considered.
• Listen to what the talk on the street is about the product category and vendors.
• Does the software help you manage for better outcomes, accountability, communications and user consistency?
• Is time-to-line reconditioning workflow improvement the vendor’s fundamental value proposition — or a Swiss army knife of features of questionable use in a busy recon and used car operation?


Accountability keeps everyone and every step honest, and it provides the glue for inspecting (measuring) what you expect.  

Beyond cost, is the software able to unify departments by taking down protective communications and information silos that disrupt your dealership’s work productivity? How does the software bring efficiency, accuracy and information accountability transparency to those who need to know, from lot technician to the CEO? 

When evaluating reconditioning software, get all the facts. The most important one is whether or not the vendor can provide data to verify claims, no matter how seductively that vendor’s whispered into your ear.

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