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Rohrman Auto Group Perfects the Connection to Launch

Launching a new software system can be fraught with challenges — unless you have a partner that aptly manages performance and ensures success.

New Enhanced Wiring Diagrams in Identifix Direct-Hit

Intuitive features will save technicians time and make fixes easier.

DataOne Software Expands Build Data Solutions

This enhanced data will enable customers to accurately identify and describe all Ford inventory by VIN from model year 2011 to current.

Dealer Image Pro Survey Provides New Information on Dealers

Why new merchandising tools that are used in-house streamline lot processes and bring vehicles to market faster.

J.D. Power Acquires Tail Light’s F&I Menu and Reporting Software

Tail Light’s F&I menu and reporting software is used to streamline vehicle financing and service contract configuration and reporting.

When Converting Silos to Seamless Workflow, Software’s Not Just Software

How do the choices you’re considering help you break down the silos that cripple communications and efficiency?

Quickride’s Dealership Software Now Free-to-Try

Dealers can take advantage of a 30-day free trial without setting up any payment methods.

DataOne Software, SBD Partner to Create Competitive Planning and Intelligence Solution

VehiclePlannerPlus takes vehicle insight and planning from days to minutes for automotive analysts.

Filling the Gap in Dealer-Vendor Coordination

Sharing priorities not only reduces friction and frustration, but it ensures both parties can now take advantage of opportunities to both engage in and profit from increased business volume.

OptionSoft Technologies Acquires GoGoCar

The GoGoCar platform also comes with state-of-the-art features to help the customer during the digital car-buying journey, including a “Virtual Automotive Assistant” powered by artificial intelligence.

Snap-on ShopStream Connect for Easy Diagnostic Software Upgrades

ShopStream Connect is a free Windows-based Snap-on software application that allows customers to directly upgrade their tool software themselves, immediately boosting platform performance.

New Exhaust Gas Diagnostic Kit with Software to Analyze

One quick test of the exhaust gases helps reduce diagnostic time, verify repairs are complete and reduce comebacks.