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Selling in the New Normal

These are odd times, to say the least … yet remember: We have had challenges before.

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We are obviously living in different times from the normality we are accustomed to and our daily routines that we have lived for years. While it’s unclear if and when life and our daily lifestyles will go back to the “normal” routines we have lived and grown into, it is our own personal responsibility to make the most of “the new normal.”

After participating in a podcast with a nationally acclaimed speaker, writer and trainer, he and I came up with five mistakes salespeople make. From that, I came up with my top five recommendations for you to keep your teams and your sales staff not only positive but also productive.

Believe in the Products You Sell

As a sales professional, you must believe you are representing, demonstrating and selling the best product on the road. Otherwise, how can you convince your customer with confidence that your product, place of business and you as a salesperson are their best choice? Accomplishing this consists of knowing where your product strengths are, as well as your soft points. Focus on the fact that you and previous buying customers see value in investing in the product you are selling.

Look at Sales as a Career, Not a Job

Sales is the highest paid profession in the world! Know when we own, study and craft our profession, we will succeed in sales. Remember: A JOB stands for “Just Over Broke”; therefore accept your role, make it a career, and you’ll never work or earn a job’s wages again. Be a professional in a sales career and not a clerk with a job.

Mine All Prospects

Dealership records, databases and incoming inquiries are filled with current and future buyers. When knowing and reacting to this, you can gain new customers, leads and referral opportunities. Customers who are in service may be in the market or at the least know seven people who will buy a vehicle in the next six months. Whenever following up with previous customers, ask for referrals. Reach out to orphan and previous customers whose leases are ending soon. Always work service, incoming leads, previous customers, orphan owners and your dealership’s CRM.

Stay Away from Dealership Politics and Drama

Although it can be tempting to find out all the juicy details and drama going on in the dealership, remember that involving yourself in this will only cost you commissions and sales. Stay away from all drama and politics and instead keep busy doing the tasks that lead to selling. Stay away from the circles of under-achievers who talk all day about how bad the market is, and follow the top-producers who sell in any economy and environment. Do this, and your attitude will make customers more likely to want to buy from you.

Look at Every Customer as an Opportunity

One of the biggest mistakes automotive salespeople make is pre-qualifying customers. This is a cardinal rule you don’t want to forget. Give every customer a great presentation, your undivided attention and assume the sale. The “Feel of the Wheel Seals the Deal.” Always keep this in mind when giving a walk-around and doing a demonstration. Mind over matter works, and when you look at every customer as a buyer and serve that person as a buyer, you will make more sales.

These are all selling habits that will keep your salespeople focused on actions that lead to sales rather than actions that lead nowhere. Our normal has changed, but the way we approach and serve customers is relatively the same. Keep your staff focused on what they can control: their attitudes and their actions.

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