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Pearl Launches Mobile Rapid Proactive Messaging Platform for Auto Dealers

RPM is integrated into all Pearl products and allows dealership salespeople to connect directly with their best sales opportunities in real-time.

Dallas, TX – Pearl Technology Holdings, LLC, (Pearl) recently announced the release of Rapid Proactive Messaging (RPM), a  personalized marketing platform that delivers real-time alerts of engaged prospects to dealership personnel for follow up via text, phone or email.  RPM is integrated into all Pearl products and allows dealership salespeople to connect directly with their best sales opportunities in real-time.

For example, when prospects engage with campaign offers delivered by Pearl’s VehicleXchange platform, dealership salespeople receive RPM alerts via SMS message on their smartphones. These alerts are delivered dynamically to the original salesperson; or are assigned to team members in round-robin format. Dealership users can then review that customer’s information and engagement activity and reach out to them via phone, text or email, all from the palm of their hand. Users can add notes about their prospects, update statuses and push directly into CRM.

“The biggest challenge dealers face with any technology is getting associates to consistently login and work their opportunities. RPM solves all those issues because there is no login required.  A simple click from the text alert gives users access to all the system’s primary functionality, right on their phone.  With RPM, it literally takes 20 seconds to communicate with an engaged customer and that is what makes it so powerful,” said Pearl Technology Holdings CEO Bruce Thompson.

RPM dynamically populates call scripts, text templates and email templates for the salesperson to utilize based upon the campaign that generated the interested prospect. All RPM activity is tracked and monitored for management to review which team members are working and closing their assigned prospects.

“We are seeing 100% of opportunities being worked in many of our stores, which is what every dealer wants. Connecting an interested customer to a sales associate in a timely fashion translates to conversions,” Thompson noted.

As a test case for RPM, Pearl launched a retention lease campaign in 4 California highline stores. While the national lease retention rate for this brand was down 3.1%, using RPM, year-over-year lease retention rates increased an average of 64% within the first 45 days; producing an additional 30-47 repeat leased units compared to the same time period last year.

“With RPM, salespeople are no longer pinned down to their desks, but are empowered to engage quality sales opportunities in real-time, directly from their mobile device. We developed RPM to be a personalized one-on-one marketing platform integrated into all Pearl products. Our goal is to connect salespeople with their highest quality opportunities at any given moment,” Thompson added.


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