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Volvo Car USA Lowers Student Debt for New Service Techs

Volvo Car USA and its retail partners are encouraging more people to pursue and stay in lucrative careers as auto service technicians with a unique program that could effectively eliminate $20,000 or more in student debt and other expenses.

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In addition to paying for an education and certification, auto service technicians are also expected to have their own tools in order to secure employment with a name-brand new car retailer. A professional toolset and tool box can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

The Volvo Technician Tool Program eliminates that cost by providing technicians free and permanent access to the tools they need to do their jobs. 

Retailers can benefit by attracting younger technicians who are better trained in modern auto repair, which is ever more focused on computer, hybrid and electric vehicle technology. 

Volvo Car USA worked with Wurth Tools to assemble a 72-piece set with both hand and cordless tools that enables new technicians to perform more than 80% of the jobs they will encounter at a certified Volvo Car Service Center.

Tools are organized and stored in a custom locking cabinet installed by the retailer, who is responsible for maintaining and replacing individual pieces.

“The Volvo Technician Tool Program (VTTP) addresses one of the biggest challenges facing the automotive industry: the need for more technicians,” said Scott Doering, vice president, customer service at Volvo Car USA. “With this initiative, we see substantial value delivered to our retailer partners, especially given the nominal VTTP investment relative to the cost of recruiting or replacing a technician.”

“We have spent the last six months validating these toolsets in our in-house workshop and our technicians’ feedback has been resoundingly positive,” Doering said. “We expect retailers will feel the same.”


Volvo Car USA announced the program to retailers on June 24, 2020.

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