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Rapid Recon Study Shows Shoppers’ Tendencies

For the study, click activity and time spent were measured on various modules or documents provided in participating dealers’ digital vehicle presentations on their websites. Hits Record-Setting Traffic Growth with 50M Visits in August

This growth, paired with innovative solutions helps dealer partners level up their marketing and sales efforts and drive their business.

TapClassifieds Announces a New Virtual Assistant CarBo to Help Car Dealers Better Serve Shoppers

Car shoppers will not wait hours to get a response to a chat message – they want immediate feedback. They expect timely responses from dealerships to stay engaged.

Podcast: Marketing to Today’s Consumer

Amy Hughes, senior director of dealer intelligence at Experian, joins us to discuss marketing to today’s consumers.

Autotrader Drives Customer Engagement, Delivers More Leads with New Personalized Digital Car-Shopping Experience

Dealerships who use Digital Retailing on Autotrader have an advantage by offering their consumers a better way to begin their purchase online and build a positive relationship right from the start.

CarGurus 2018 Buyer Insight Report Dives Into Car Shopping Journey

Study Uncovers Most Car Shoppers Don’t Know What they Don’t Know.

Podcast: Merchandising Vehicles for the Next Generation

John Hensman, VP and general manager of HomeNet, joins us to discuss merchandising vehicles for the next generation.

4 Elements for Next-Generation Vehicle Merchandising

Acting on these trends will allow dealers to cost-effectively and quickly reach more customers while establishing a differentiated presence in the marketplace.

Is There Any Meat Left on the Bone for Your Dealership?

In the wild, the lion hunts for its food. The lion stalks its prey where it lives, waiting for the perfect moment and eventually pounces to make the kill. As the king of the jungle, the lion and its pride enjoy the “lion’s share” of the meat. After they have their fill, other animals follow

Understanding Millennial Shoppers: How Digital Messaging Gets Gen Y Into Your Dealership

If you want them to buy from your dealership, winning the hearts and minds of Millennial car buyers starts with understanding what makes them tick.