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TapClassifieds Announces a New Virtual Assistant CarBo to Help Car Dealers Better Serve Shoppers

Car shoppers will not wait hours to get a response to a chat message - they want immediate feedback. They expect timely responses from dealerships to stay engaged.

San Jose, CA – TapClassifieds, a digital marketing platform company for car dealers, is releasing a new AI virtual assistant: CarBo. Recently, car shoppers are searching online for a new vehicle at all hours of the day and every day of the week, and customers expect instantaneous responses from dealerships. Facebook Marketplace, letgo, and other social platforms are opening new channels for dealerships to connect with these customers. As a result, many dealerships are not able to keep up with car shoppers’ messaging demands, especially when they have to juggle customer inquiries from multiple platforms. Dealerships want to focus their efforts on serious car shoppers, and not lose valuable time answering routine questions online.

Car shoppers will not wait hours to get a response to a chat message – they want immediate feedback. They expect timely responses from dealerships to stay engaged. “Most Millenials and Gen Z consumers do not want to talk on the phone anymore. They want prompt and accurate responses in a way that is convenient for them, and CarBo helps dealerships drive engagement while improving lead quality,” says Jaideep Jain, CEO. 

Dealers want to advertise their inventory on platforms such as Facebook and letgo.  However logging in to different apps to respond to leads is a hassle. Furthermore, providing sales staff with a login to a dealer’s Facebook Business account can be a risky proposition.  ChatHub, TapClassifieds messaging platform, has been helping car dealers handle emails, chats, and text messages, in one easy-to-use platform.

CarBo seamlessly integrates with ChatHub and will automatically answer questions about a vehicle. The virtual assistant requests contact information to be shared with the dealership to follow up. CarBo helps qualify leads so that the dealership can focus on the lowest funnel car shoppers. 

CarBo also helps car shoppers filter through a dealer’s inventory. A customer can select the leading factor in their search for a new car: price, make, model, or year. CarBo will automatically filter the dealership’s inventory to make it easy for customers to see vehicles that fit their car search parameters.


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