Quantum5 Hires Dave Foy
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Quantum5 Hires Award Winning Fixed Ops Trainer Dave Foy

Quantum5 announced the adding of Fixed Ops industry veteran Dave Foy to its executive team. In addition, Quantum5 will acquire Foy’s successful Fixed Ops Mastermind and Vision and Values Coaching brands enabling him to carry on his vision. 

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Known as a connector and innovator in the world of Fixed Ops, Foy brings immense industry knowledge and expertise to his role as Fixed Ops Mastermind at Quantum5. He has spent more than 30 years ensuring that the service and fixed ops roles within the dealership are the heartbeat of the organization. From his early days as a service manager at Acura of Boston and other dealerships, to his time spent as Fixed Ops director at 24 Auto Group, service and parts director at Prime Motor Group and finally head creator, coach and podcaster within the Fixed Ops Mastermind brand of companies, Foy has continued to be a leading voice in the Fixed Ops industry. 

 “Dave embodies all of the elements we value at Quantum5. He’s innovative, forward thinking, truly cares about making the industry better through his expertise, and is also just a good person,” said Quantum5 co-founder and CEO, David O’Brien. “As a coach himself, Dave understood immediately the value Quantum5 can bring to an organization and why it’s time to bring personal selling skills back to retail automotive. We look forward to his leadership, strategy and vision as he takes on a critical executive role on our team.”

Unlike other training programs, Quantum5 joins the power of in-person skills training with backend technology that includes AI learning, gamification, and community building to create ongoing proficiency in learners. As sales and service teams work their way through the different levels of the app, they become better at determining needs and motivations of buyers, delivering value and handling objections. These skills work together to increase both sales and upsell service opportunities. 


“As soon as I saw what Quantum5 was building, from the relational skills-based training, to the back end gamification element to the community tie-ins, I was hooked. I knew I was looking at the next evolution of Fixed Operation training,” said Foy. “Add to that the ability to bring my Mastermind brands over with me and train those in my coaching and master classes on these next level skills and it’s a win-win. I’m honored to be a part of the Quantum5 team.”

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