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Everyone Has Something to Teach Us

Don’t let pride keep you from learning and expanding your skill sets. Create a “learning zone” where knowledge is freely shared.

Everyone Has Something to Teach Us
Get S.M.A.R.T.

A deadline puts positive pressure on us. Our time is limited; it’s up to us on how we spend it.

Be Determined, Not Desperate

With a solid financial foundation, we will ride out any lean months and not crash back and forth with a “feast or famine” mindset.

An Outline for Success

Clear expectations, ambitious goal setting and having the support, tools and authority to achieve what is expected are crucial.

The Question You Must Answer

The answer could be the difference between an “average” and “exceptional” career.

Think You Know Everything You Need to Know?

How far do you think “the way we’ve always done it” mindsets will take us in this ever-evolving marketplace?

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Do You Have the 4 Characteristics Necessary To Be a Servant Leader?

How does your management style stack up when seen in the light? Are you truly a servant leader, or do you need to make up some ground? It’s not always easy to serve those who we lead, but the results are well worth the effort.

Be the Positive Person: Building a Better Circle Begins with Our Own Attitudes

Instead of blindly following poor performers down the path of negativity, refuse to give in to pessimism, cynicism and hopelessness.

Can You Win the Race to the Bottom?

When cost is the only concern, dealerships don’t build relationships with their clients; they are simply taking orders.

In Our Control vs Beyond Our Control

While we can’t plan precisely how the day is going to go, especially in a retail setting, we can start our day by preparing the best we can for whatever is coming our way.

The Twin Building Blocks for a Healthy Relationship

When we both contribute our best efforts is when we’re building a life together that will weather any storm.