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In Our Control vs Beyond Our Control

While we can’t plan precisely how the day is going to go, especially in a retail setting, we can start our day by preparing the best we can for whatever is coming our way.

If there’s one thing that the past couple of months have taught us, it’s that there are things in our careers and lives within our control, and there are things beyond our control.

So, which element most catches your attention?

We all know people who focus on what’s wrong in their life rather than appreciating what they do have. They are missing all the opportunities this world has to offer. Even when things are going well, they procrastinate. By mentally saying “tomorrow,” they delay the actions they need to take to grow both personally and professionally. 

One of the most important lessons that my Theory of 5 mentors have taught me is that “tomorrow” may never come. We can only work with “today.” Those who wait for the “perfect moment” to take action may always be waiting. Those who take control of their actions, attitudes and beliefs create perfect moments. 

As things continue to open back up, here are three activities that are in our control and influence every day, and will make a massive difference between us and those who wait for their “perfect” moment.

Prepare for the Day — While we can’t plan precisely how the day is going to go, especially in a retail setting, we can start our day by preparing the best we can for whatever is coming our way.

This process starts the night before by getting to bed early enough to get a good night’s sleep. Getting up early enough to work out, eat a good breakfast and get to the dealership in plenty of time gets the day off to a good start. This is generally within our control. There may be days when our child will be sick, an accident delays our commute or other factors challenge us, but the vast majority of days start within our control.

When we get to work early, we can walk through the dealership, say “hello” to our team members and catch up with emails, calls and other business that came through after we left the day before. By doing this, we get our mind focused on success and action before working with our first customers. When we’re coming in cold, we won’t be giving our guests our best, which is what they deserve.

Study Our Craft — There’s a science to sales, to be sure, but it’s also an art form. Both elements require study and perfect practice. Just as top athletes continuously drill between games and warm up before competing, we need to consistently train so we can understand our products, inventory and services thoroughly. Selling also requires building relationships with a multitude of people, which is a skill that requires consistent training, sharpening and focus.

When customers ask us about a vehicle’s features, we should be able to answer them with the benefits and advantages on the spot. This is a way we demonstrate not only our professionalism but our trustworthiness. I believe most customers in front of us are usually ready to buy — the days when a majority of our guests being “tire-kickers” have passed. They want to know they are making the right choice concerning the vehicle, as well as in the dealership and sales representative. The best consultants have the skills, knowledge and ability to hold a conversation with the person looking for basic transportation and the guest who wants to know how many foot-pounds of torque the new 2021 model will generate. 

Catch Up with Customers — We can have a “one-time” transaction with customers, but the most successful sales consultants build happy and prosperous careers by cultivating repeat clients. Forging such relationships starts with our first meeting. While some salespeople are more than willing to be “order takers,” successful sales consultants have conversations with their clients, learning about what’s important to them, their family and their requirements. By asking questions and listening, we learn our customer’s true needs, and support them in finding the right vehicle. 

After the sale, we maintain that relationship, keeping in contact with them to make sure the vehicle is making their lives better and that their other needs are being met. Why? Because we care. We’re also able to provide them with relevant information about their product and our dealership as time goes on, adding value to our relationship. When we do this, It’s much easier to ask for future sales rather than cold calling them years later. 

Putting It All Together

Preparing for our day, studying our craft and building and maintaining healthy relationships with our customers are activities well within our control. When we put this all together, we propel ourselves with the best opportunity to build a successful career that will withstand economic challenges that come our way.

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