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The Theory of 5: Youth and Experience

One of the principle foundations of The Theory of 5 is that, in order to reach our full potential, we need to seek out more experienced, knowledgeable people to coach us in areas where we’d like to excel. To fill this role, we usually look to people who are older than us or, in a co-mentoring situation, our peers. In most cases we overlook what a relationship with those younger than us can mean to our personal growth.

The Equal Treatment of Unequal Effort Will Destroy a Company

Leaders must be aware of the message they’re sending by how they treat team members. Everyone should be treated fairly and have the opportunity to grow.

The Theory of 5: Struggle and Strength

Searching for comfort is one of our strongest desires as humans. We tend to gravitate toward what gives us pleasure and recoil from what could cause pain. Most people crave contentment. Most want gratification.

The Theory of 5: Mastering Our Onboard Computer

The questions we ask ourselves during any event in our lives — consciously or subconsciously — determine how we think. How can you better form those questions so that you can solve problems, find solutions and build your career — and your life — into something you can take pride in?

The Theory of 5: What is Your Why? Finding the Real Reason Behind Our Goals

There’s no shortage of articles, videos, books, blog posts, podcasts and other material that share the importance for building profits and gaining wealth. “It will take focus, stamina, courage and determination to build our financial and business skills,” we’re told, “so let’s get started now!”

The Theory of 5: Mentoring: Leave Your Ego at the Door

Seeking guidance can be a humbling experience. When we ask for support in this way, we are admitting our knowledge and skills are inferior to theirs. They have the skills, habits and attitudes we would like to learn. We’re acknowledging that, at least in one particular area, they are our superior.

Podcast: Defining Success With The Theory of 5

Chris Saraceno, vice president and partner of The Kelly Automotive Group, joins us to discuss his new series in AutoSuccess, based around his book, The Theory of 5.

The Micromanager

Some very successful leaders use micromanagement strategies with new hires until they’re sure the person has the right skills, talents and behaviors to take on their duties. They know when to back away and loosen the tightrope of control. The problem, however, occurs if they don’t know when to stop.

Mentors: You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

Finding a mentor who has walked your path before and can teach you what they’ve learned is invaluable.

Pulling Together: Leadership and Employee Performance, Part 3

The potential for a new employee is practically limitless. Each new hire could be your dealership’s next superstar. Reality, however, soon kicks in and reveals the truth. Some new hires do indeed rock the lot and exceed expectations. Some, however, might not immediately live up to their potential or the hopes we had for them.

The Theory of Five: The Five Mentors Who Will Improve Your Prosperity

Learning what to focus on and how to achieve your goals is key to your personal and professional development. I believe in “The Theory of Five,” which has supported my focus on health, happiness, prosperity and continuous improvement since I was 22 years old — because it shapes how I think and who I chose