Social Media Encouraging Auto Theft
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Social Media Encourages Auto Theft

Providing customers with added theft protection can provide peace of mind as well as assistance for if and when the unimaginable occurs.

Emily Furio is the marketing assistant for American Guardian Warranty Services, Inc.

You have probably noticed there are daily news reports of increased car thefts and carjackings across the country. What you may not know is that thanks to some recently shared social media videos, owners of cars from two specific car manufacturers have been targeted at an increased rate.

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According to Shanzeh Ahmad of the Chicago Tribune, the Cook County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of an increase in the theft of Kia and Hyundai vehicles and suggests drivers of these cars take extra steps to reduce their risk of falling victim to this crime. 

Ahmad states that “There have been 642 reported thefts of Kia and Hyundai vehicles in Cook County since July 1 compared with 74 during the same time frame last year, according to the statement. The 767% increase is also on trend with increases in reported thefts in other cities across the county.”

The increase in these particular car thefts is apparently a result of videos being shared across social media that demonstrate how to start the vehicles without a key. According to Ahmad, “Unoccupied vehicles that require a physical key and not a start button are being targeted.”


Tips to reduce theft for Kia and Hyundai owners include tactics like installing a kill switch that would make the vehicle inoperable without the key, utilizing car alarms that include motion detection and implementing the use of steering wheel locking devices or vehicle tracking systems.

There are numerous ways any vehicle owner can reduce their risk of auto theft such as remembering to always lock your car, especially when parking outside overnight, removing the keys from your car when the vehicle is not actively being driven, close and lock all windows, park in well-lit areas and never leave valuables in the vehicle. 


Your customers may take every bit of precaution out there, however auto theft can still occur anytime, anywhere. Over a half million vehicles are stolen each year. Most are never returned. Those that are returned tend to be heavily damaged or are missing expensive parts. 

So, what else can be done to help increase the security of one’s vehicle? The thought of a vehicle being stolen is a scary one. Providing customers with added theft protection can provide peace of mind as well as assistance for if and when the unimaginable occurs. Being able to drive off the lot with not only a new ride, but a new car with added security provided by theft protection can serve as a major selling point to consumers, especially in today’s highly competitive market. 


When it comes to the specific types of added theft protection and coverage that dealers can offer their customers, plans could include items such as etch application labels that serve as unique, easily traceable identification codes that are permanently affixed to the vehicle’s glass, or invisible non-chemical body marking labels for metal parts of a car. Additional benefits of such plans could include a $0 deductible and payment up to the maximum allowed in the unlikely event that a vehicle is stolen.

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