Dial in the Details: Preserving Vehicles and the Profitability of Dealership Inventory

Dial in the Details: Preserving Vehicles and the Profitability of Dealership Inventory

Making cleanliness a priority of each car will all but guarantee to lead to a more profitable season ahead.

As temperatures rise, seasons change and storms of differing degrees threaten our vehicles, auto dealers face unique challenges. With much of their stock sitting outdoors during this time, it’s wise to seek out various preventative services to protect the profitability of their aftermarket sales as well as the overall health of their business.

All vehicles are susceptible to rust, corrosion and other damaging detractors during the high-heat of summer and into a potentially stormy fall season. Whether the vehicle is in the garage at home or lining the lot of a dealership, it’s important to treat the vehicles with care. Especially in the case of the dealership, a vehicle’s look could be the very thing that gets that vehicle off the lot!

With proper care and maintenance, you can protect your dealership’s stock from deterioration and ensure those vehicles are sold and look brand new for years to come. Below you will find the best tips we can provide to ensure your dealership operates and transitions the changing seasons just as smoothly as the vehicle’s journey from the lot to a customer’s home.

H2-Oh No!

Summer and the looming fall season can bring on tough bouts of rain. The rain can pester each vehicle’s body as they sit in your inventory. While all vehicles face the dangers of rain and storms during the summer, if they’re sitting idly in a lot, there can be increased risk of damage.

The summer welcomes some of the year’s rainiest days. Rain in excess can accelerate the oxidation process to your vehicle’s exterior.

To combat the rainwater and storms, it is crucial to invest in paint protection measures. By adding extra layers of protection to each vehicle, water will roll right off each vehicle’s exterior so it can retain its shine once the sun reappears from behind the storm clouds.

The Power of Rustproofing

Rustproofing plays a significant role in safeguarding vehicles from the harmful effects of any season. So, when the weather changes significantly, it’s advised to rustproof vehicles to protect them from a multitude of elements.

Applying a protective coating to the vehicle’s vulnerable areas such as the undercarriage, wheel wells and exposed metal surfaces, can extend the life of any vehicle for years; a benefit and a selling point for new and used vehicles alike. Creating this barrier between the metal and the moisture ensures each vehicle’s performance is protected through rain, sleet, snow or hail.

Eyes on the Exterior

As earlier noted, the exterior of each vehicle is exposed to some of the most harmful detractors Mother Nature can throw their way. Rain, UV rays and environmental pollutants make their way to the forefront during the summer, but there are defenses against them.

While rustproofing helps protect the exterior of vehicles on a deeper level, a thorough cleaning, polishing and coating can help protect each vehicle’s paint from fading, oxidation, dirt, pollen, and even bug and bird splatter. Each of these detractors can more than affect the appearance of the vehicle, but they can also lead to the costly downfall of them.

By partnering with a regular exterior detailing expert, you can maintain the showroom shine, preserve the value of each vehicle and keep them on the road longer — all factors that make for satisfied customers.

Infiltrate the Interior

In addition to external protection, detailing services are essential to combat the accumulation of dirt, dust and allergens inside vehicles. The hot summer weather and the changing fall conditions can exacerbate these issues, making interior cleanliness a priority. Whether it’s a new or used vehicle, each are at risk of getting dirt, dust, pollen and more into the vehicle’s filtration system.

Detailing experts can meticulously clean every nook and cranny of a vehicle’s interior, eliminating dirt, dust, allergens and any other mess that may be in there from a previous owner if it’s a used car. They can also restore the luster of a used vehicle’s upholstery, leaving a more refreshed and comfortable space for potential buyers.

Making cleanliness a priority of each car will all but guarantee to lead to a more profitable season ahead.

By incorporating these services into their offerings, auto-dealers can provide enhanced value to their customers. Vehicle owners can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with protecting their investment from the challenging conditions of summer and fall — or any season, for that matter. Embracing these services allows auto dealers to thrive in the face of challenging weather conditions and differentiate themselves in the competitive automotive market.

Partnering with a local expert demonstrates a dealer’s commitment to quality and professionalism. This association can strengthen the reputation of auto dealerships, attract more customers and foster long-term relationships based on trust and satisfaction.

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