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Reduce Your Chemical Footprint in the Shop

Stop breaking your backs lugging heavy drums, and stop paying for the water in the cleaners that you already have! 

Auto Magic Launches TruAdvantage All-in-One Detailing System

Auto Magic announced the release of its newest innovation, the TruAdvantage System.

Detailing for Success Ep. 1: Opportunities at Dealerships

Keith Duplessie, president of Detail Plus Car Appearance Systems, introduces himself and discusses detailing in dealerships.

keith duplessie
Auto Magic by Evercoat Launches TruAdvantage System

TruAdvantage eliminates guesswork and provides a consistent showroom finish.

Sacred Service Cows Toppling at Steven Toyota

Learn how Steven Toyota-Kia-Nissan developed a service department designed to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction.

Detailing During a Pandemic

There’s no way of knowing if the virus is present in a vehicle. Here’s how to protect yourself, your customer and the industry.

Auto Magic Ceramic Spray Combines Science with ‘Bit of Magic’

In addition to lasting beading and sheeting performance, the ceramic formula offers UV and chemical protection.

Auto Magic ceramic magic
A Certified Detailer is the Difference Between a Service Department and a Superior, Profitable Service Drive

When it comes to shining up a vehicle for a new customer, don’t you want someone who sees those patches of uneven paint and not only takes the time to fix it, but who knows how to fix it correctly?

Best Practices for Steam Cleaning Car Interiors and Exteriors

Looking to add a steam cleaner to your detailing department? Here’s what you need to know.

Generating Incremental Revenue with Detailing & Reconditioning Services

A complete and detailed list of detailing services performed on the vehicle can be a part of the sales process and demonstrate the commitment the dealership has in providing a quality product.

Why Dealers Have Problems with their Detail Department

If the title of this article offends you because you don’t have problems with your detail department, then please do not read any further. This article is for those dealers who can honestly admit they have problems in the operation of their in-house detail department.

Maximizing Transparency in Cleaning Automotive Glass

I spend a fair amount of time in detail shops and car washes, and without question one of the major technical problems these facilities have is getting clean, streak-free glass.