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New Benchmark Data Suite Using KPIs for Dealer Decision Making

Simplify data management and with a platform that analyzes metrics across digital marketing, inventory, lead handling, sales, and finance.

Grow Your Dealership by Measuring Your KPIs

In digital marketing, it’s essential to know your ROI. Learn how to measure the KPIs that will help increase that return.

Why You Are Doing Your Automotive Advertising Completely Wrong

Are your auto ads not attracting new leads? Here are a few of the common mistakes dealers make and what to do instead.

Speed to Sale and Your Unique Advantage

Shared reconditioning details educate consumers and build their confidence that you’re concerned and invested in selling only quality used cars.

Benchmarks: Do You Know the Score?

Studies show the more the employee is engaged in her/his performance efforts, the more active they are in building skills to support organizational success.

Joe Clementi, performance reviews
Culture and Client Interface

In our ever-evolving business climate, what is the essential KPI for delivering a good customer experience? What is more valuable to the business? A satisfied client or a loyal client?

7 KPIs to Connect with Every Caller

Dealerships lose hundreds of sales opportunities every year because of missed or mishandled phone calls. On average, a dealership fails to connect with 33% of incoming calls. For every 100 calls, that means you’re missing out on 33 potential deals.

Service Departments Lagging in Communication with Vehicle Owners, J.D. Power Finds

Porsche is highest-ranked luxury brand for first time; Buick ranks highest among mass market brands.

Customer Effort Score: What’s Yours?

When customers have to jump through hoops to do business with a company, customer effort rises and loyalty plummets.

Customers Want Easy — Just Ask Alexa

According to a recent Driving Sales Customer Experience Study, 56 percent of customers said they’d buy more often if the process was not so difficult, and 99 out of 100 buyers expect their car purchasing experience to be “hassle-driven.”

Podcast: Finding Accountability in Your Marketing Efforts

Valerie Vallancourt of Outsell speaks on increasing the effectiveness and accountability of your marketing efforts.

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The Lies Green Arrows Can Tell

Sometimes red is good and sometimes green is bad, which, in the end, only makes the digital universe harder to understand. This is especially true when it comes to a client who just wants to see green and forward movement.