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Focusing on Talents

Our employees have talents that are unique to them — many that we don’t even know about. Some are creative like a gift for graphic design while others focus on work abilities such as superior selling skills.

Our employees have talents that are unique to them — many that we don’t even know about. Some are creative like a gift for graphic design while others focus on work abilities such as superior selling skills.

This is what makes a team work. Everyone is different, everyone has a talent and working together on what we do best is what it takes to help our companies flourish.

But do you have the right people in the right positions — positions that put their talents to the best use?

One of the first steps to ensuring your employees are working at their individual best and creating a team that will excel is getting to know them and finding out what it is they want to do and what they are really good at doing.

For an example of the right person in the right position, check out this issue’s Success Story. In it, we meet Evelyn Chatel from Freedom Auto Group, a dealership with multiple locations in Pennsylvania. Chatel, who now runs the company, was given her start and grew within the industry due to her talent for inquisitiveness (not to mention eagerness and friendliness).

“I’m just curious about people,” Chatel explained to me in our interview, “and I think that curiosity has been able to open doors for me, because then I learned (more and more) and as I’m learning, I’m sharing and as I’m sharing other people are seeing opportunities and places where I can provide value, and that’s how I’ve been able to move up.”

Her story, and that of Freedom Auto Group and its Life Improvement Specialists, is not to be missed.

So what are your employees’ talents, interests, short- and long-term goals? Do they have abilities that their current position doesn’t use — but another position might? Take a cue from Chatel and ask them questions about themselves. You’ll never find out if you don’t take the time to get to know them. If you can find a position — or build a position — that fits them better, you’ll both reap the rewards.

Find out what they want to do, find a way to let them do it, and you’ll get their best from them.

While you’re at it, take a look at yourself. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Are you inquisitive enough? What talents can you nurture that would be of benefit to the dealership? Let us know. Email me at the address above; we’d love to get to know what talents you’ve fostered to help your dealership thrive.

Note: Included this month is our quarterly Dealer Service supplement. Once you’ve finished reading it, please pass it on to your service manager. 

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