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Are You Ready to ROCK in 2023?

It’s time to meet today’s Vehicle Care RockStars, and we are asking you to help get us backstage.

In the Passenger Seat

I recently found myself in the automotive retail passenger seat after an unfortunate accident this summer, and I had to fight off anxiety thinking of purchasing a new vehicle in the current automotive market.

A Call to Our Automotive Champions

With our new program, we will spotlight in our September issue (and online) a select few automotive dealerships and companies throughout the industry that stand out among the rest.

New Perspective for Fresh Ideas

When you’re looking for a new way to approach an old problem, doing the same thing will only get the same results.

Saluting — and Hiring — Those Who Serve

There are many ways we can honor and assist veterans — including hiring them.

The Inventory Issue

The computer-chip shortage has left dealers with the fewest offerings in decades. Don’t miss this great advice from dealers and our AutoSuccess contributors.

Women’s Wisdom

These amazing women inspire us to strive for excellence and to have more fulfilling careers in this exciting industry.

New Dealership Blues

While terrible dealership experience stories bother me, I think the ones that irk me the most are where simple corrections could have completely changed the customer’s experience.

Bye Bye Bus, Hello Again Minivan survey reveals cars overtake school buses as primary mode of back-to-school transport.

For the Greater Good

While auto sales can be a cutthroat business, think about how you can reach out and help other dealers for the greater good of the industry.

The New Normal

Now, more than ever, your customers need to have trust in your business. Work together as a team to ensure customers return to your dealership with confidence and commitment.

Surviving & Thriving in a Crisis

Best practices for establishing processes to protect your employees, customers and guests who visit your facilities, as well as information on how you can re-engineer operations to maximize online sales.