Dealer-Branded Loyalty Programs

Dealer-Branded Loyalty Programs

Your customers can feel comfortable knowing the trusted brand they are already familiar with is providing them with extended protection options.

Congratulations! You just made a sale and gained a new customer! Now ask yourself this: how do you keep their business with your dealership as they consider extended protection and warranty plans for their new vehicle? Superior customer service and a positive, can-do attitude is a great start, but when it comes to products and services, your customers expect quality options that will allow the best bang for their buck.

Getting customers to choose your dealership over others is the first step to building customer loyalty. The next step is to offer them incentives to continue business with you as they explore their options for extended service and warranty plans. In addition, keeping your customers loyal to your dealership throughout the lifetime of their vehicle nurtures long-term relationships that may lead to repeat buyers as the wants and needs of your customers change over time.

Gaining the customer’s trust starts with transparency. Ditch the gimmicks and exaggerated, over-the-top sales pitches. Your customer is looking for a genuine and honest business that will consider their wants and needs when purchasing a vehicle and any extended protection. They want to feel welcome and that they are more than just a number when walking through your door. Your journey with the customer goes beyond choosing the right vehicle. It is just as important to guide them through the next steps of considering the proper protection they may need. The goal is to ensure the customer remains confident and satisfied in their decision to purchase from you as they consider the addition of extended coverage.

Providing customers with extended coverage they can’t find elsewhere is the key to building those relationships. Your loyal customers deserve to be rewarded and given access to top-of-the-line protection and service throughout every stage of their vehicle ownership, including when repairs are necessary. Prove why they should go with your protection plans over your competitors.

Consider implementing personalized, dealer-branded products and services to select F&I offerings such as a lifetime engine-only limited warranty, lifetime powertrain limited warranty, 10 years/200,000 miles powertrain limited warranty, or an exclusionary plan that covers the cost of all mechanical repairs up to the lifetime of the covered vehicle. With optional coverage upgrades and towing reimbursement benefits, incorporating a program such as this into your dealership’s F&I sales will increase customer loyalty and retention.

With dealer-branded marketing materials and visuals, your customers can feel comfortable knowing that the proven brand they are already familiar with is providing them with extended protection options. By placing your dealership’s brand front and center when presenting extended coverage options, the confusion surrounding the who, what and where is eliminated. This will only add to the overall positive experience your customers can expect when visiting your location.

Remember that buying a vehicle is a very personal process for your customer. As soon as your brand is visible on those extended protection plan materials, they will feel at ease knowing they are dealing with someone they can depend on. It’s as simple as that. Build a reputable brand your customers can trust and rely on in addition to providing high-quality products and services, and they will continue doing business with you for years to come. 

Emily Furio is a copywriter and social media specialist for American Guardian Warranty Services. For more information,

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