New Air Coolers Fill Shops with Chilled, Clean Air and Fresh Tunes

New Air Coolers Fill Shops with Chilled, Clean Air and Fresh Tunes

These new evaporative coolers feature air ionizers, Bluetooth players and LED floodlights.

The new Cool Boss CB-28 and CB-36 portable evaporative air coolers cost-effectively help create a more comfortable and productive work environment in large shops. The biggest coolers in the Cool Boss lineup, they can drop the air temperature up to 26 degrees Fahrenheit using up to 70% less energy than conventional air conditioning. These feature-rich models include built-in air ionizers to clean the chilled air, Bluetooth players to improve the atmosphere, and powerful LED floodlights to brighten even the darkest bay.

“These big coolers keep techs more comfortable and productive year-round,” said Lee Franklin, product manager. 

The negative air ionizers featured in the CB-28, CB-36 and the rest of the COOLBLAST Series pull dust, bacteria and smoke molecules out of the air. The particles clump together and land on walls and floors where they’re easy to clean up, resulting in a cleaner, healthier working environment.

Both the CB-28 and CB-36 help keep technicians and other service department workers in the groove with a built-in Bluetooth audio player with powerful speakers. And the outdoor-rated LED floodlight at the top putsout 4000 lumens to turn night into day. Durable swivel casters make it possible to move the coolers around the shop as needed.

The CB-28 is engineered to send air out at 9020 CFM to cover 2,125 square feet. The higher-capacity CB-36 pumps air out at 12,615 CFM to cover 3,125 square feet. The CB-28 has an 80-gallon reservoir while the CB-36 can hold up to 115 gallons of water.

All Cool Boss evaporative coolers leverage the natural process of evaporation to quickly cool indoor or outdoor spaces for less than a dollar a day. Warm air is pulled into the back of the coolers and directed through water soaked Honeycool evaporative media pads that chills it instantly. The now-colder air is moved by the proprietary Blue Flex axial flow fans. Powered by a 1/3 HP motor, the fans circulate air through a venturi aperture that concentrates the velocity and creates a more powerful blast of cold air. These fans efficiently pull a high volume of air at low RPMs. The fans alter their shape slightly at higher RPMs to create a more drag-reducing, energy-efficient blade profile.

The CB-28 measures 52 x 37 x 76.5 inches while the CB-36 is 66 x 44 x 85 inches. Other key features include automatic water source shutoff; water inlet flow control, remote control with convenient holder; soft-touch LED controls; antibacterial housing, and built-in timer. A protective cover comes standard to protect the units when not in use.

Because Cool Boss air coolers are not air conditioners, they don’t require expensive high‐amp compressor motors, environmentally toxic chemicals, refrigerants or permanent installation.

For more information about the full line of Cool Boss evaporative coolers, visit or call toll-free (855) 2BE-COOL.

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