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Executive Spotlight with Matthew Davis of TradePending

Matthew discusses going back to basics to acquire cars, email marketing and ways to convert more web traffic into trade leads.

Executive Spotlight with Molly Meyer of Gubagoo

Molly Meyer of Gubagoo shares how dealers can be more successful with their digital retailing.

Executive Spotlight with Trent Broberg of ACERTUS

Trent Broberg discusses the challenges of moving vehicles efficiently and how technology has improved that process.

Executive Spotlight with Arabah Woodberry of JP Morgan Chase

Arabah Woodberry discusses industry trends as well as Chase’s initiatives in working with minority dealers.

Executive Spotlight with Guru Sankararaman of Tekion

Insights on modern DMS software, EVs, the current automotive market and more.

Executive Spotlight with Steve Roessler of DriveCentric

A discussion surrounding CRM and the importance of engaging with customers.

Executive Spotlight with Dan Moore of Vistadash

The president of Vistadash discusses the company’s recent acquisition by DealerBuilt, modern marketing solutions and more.

Executive Spotlight w/ Hugh & Kalah Hathcock of Velocity Automotive

The founder and EVP of Velocity Automotive discuss why reconditioning is so important in this market.

Executive Spotlight with Greg Uland of Reynolds and Reynolds

Trends and solutions found in the dealership from a marketing exec.

Executive Spotlight: Naked Lime Marketing’s Chuck Worley

An OEM specialist discusses marketing trends such as how to get cars into your service lane.

Executive Spotlight: SoundFox’s Ryan Powers

The VP of Marketing and Business Solutions discusses how to create a great guest experience.

Executive Spotlight: DealerPRO’s Kristin Williams

A fixed ops expert gives insights on creating better processes to provide better service and increase profits.