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Executive Spotlight with Jim Roche of WarrCloud

Jim Roche discusses how automated claims processing can benefit the dealership as well as will assure that the claims are done correctly and efficiently so the dealership is correctly paid and in a timely manner.

Executive Spotlight with Richard Rodgers of Dannah Investment Group

Tune in to the video to learn about how Dannah Investment Group helps companies be more profitable and pay less tax.

Executive Spotlight with Cindy Allen of StoneEagle

Cindy shares her insights on trends in the F&I industry, how EVs are affecting F&I and much more.

Executive Spotlight with Michael LaMotta of DOWC

Tune in to learn about the benefits of a DOWC and how dealers can control their wealth. Plus what the future holds for DOWC.

Executive Spotlight with Christian Jorn of Remora

Learn how your dealership can stand out from the crowd, how AI is impacting dealers’ businesses and more.

Executive Spotlight with Todd Gilbreath and Samantha Smiles of Dealership For Life

The Dealership For Life execs discuss customer retention strategies, loyalty programs and a new program that covers EV batteries.

Executive Spotlight with Dan McCool of Dr. ColorChip

Dan McCool of Dr. ColorChip speaks with host Brian Ankney about how dealers can save money on recon as well as how dealers can leverage paint touch up options to increase profits.

Dan McCool of Dr. ColorChip
Executive Spotlight with Joe Levine of PMD

AutoSuccess’ Brian Ankney talks with PMD’s Joe Levine about marketing trends and how dealers should be using video today.

Executive Spotlight with David O’Brien of Quantum5

David and Brian discuss employee retention and ways dealerships can combat the technician shortage.

Executive Spotlight with Payam Zamani of One Planet Group

Payam and Brian discuss the beginnings of AutoWeb and dive into lead generation, the value of a lead and more.

Executive Spotlight with Kathryn Schifferle of Work Truck Solutions

Kathryn Schifferle and Brian Ankney discuss opportunities for car and light truck dealers in the commercial vehicle market.

Executive Spotlight with Linda Robertson of ADCO

Linda and Brian discuss compliance training as well as what dealers need to be aware of with FTC dealership safeguards.