Rapid Recon: $16 Million in Bonus Safety Recall Revenue Generated
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$16 Million in Bonus Recall Revenue for Rapid Recon Users

Auto Dealers Using Rapid Recon T2L Workflow Software with Integrated Recall Management Finding 8% to 12% Additional Safety Recalls per Vehicle

Rapid Recon, the creator of time-to-line (T2L) vehicle reconditioning solutions, reported recently that dealerships using its safety recall management application had generated an additional $16 million in recall-related service repair revenue.

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Auto dealers, always confident, insist their manual or traditional recall identification processes catch every safety recall issues. But not according to AutoAp, a leading safety recall-management technology company.


AutoAp Founder and CEO Mark Paul said insights from more than six years’ serving auto retailers shows that dealers using the company’s safety recall management technology find between 8% to 12% more vehicles affected by safety recalls. These are safety recalls that a dealer’s manual recall inspection process or use of traditional safety recall services fail to find.

“We’re finding that for every 100 vehicles having at least one safety recall, a total of 124 total recalls will be found by our process,” Paul said.

“When dealers aren’t able to identify all safety recalls on the vehicles they buy and sell, they put consumers at risk – and are losing $343 per incident in average warranty reimbursement revenue,” said Dennis McGinn, founder, and CEO of Rapid Recon. 


Safety recalls remain a significant concern for the auto industry and its retailers. Though the frequency of newly reported safety recalls is about the same year-over-year, safety recalls will remain an ever-present risk due to the increasing complexity of new safety features OEMs are delivering — and when properly managed, an opportunity — for dealers.

AutoAp’s safety recall solutions ensure that dealers receive the highest-quality, most accurate and timely safety recall information possible, reducing their recall liability, eliminating confusion, and the manual effort associated with managing the complex world of safety recalls.

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