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Virtually NADA

This is an awesome opportunity for dealers to involve their entire dealership. So many more people will get to experience the speakers and their insight into the various aspects of our industry.

I never thought my 19th NADA Show would be held virtually. When I’d heard that the National Automobile Dealers Association announced that the 2021 NADA Show will transition to an all-virtual event experience, I have to admit I had mixed feelings. Of course I understand the reasoning but there was still some disappointment in my heart. 

It was originally slated to be held in New Orleans, and I was looking forward to heading back to the Big Easy. I love the atmosphere and the energy of the city. I will miss visiting our customers and witnessing their excitement over their new products and services. 

On the other hand, I think there will be a huge increase in participation. There are many dealers and dealership employees who have never had the opportunity to attend NADA and see all that it has to offer, due to costs or having to stay back to run the dealership while others attended the show. This is an awesome opportunity for dealers to involve their entire dealership. So many more people will get to experience the speakers and their insight into the various aspects of our industry. It’s actually amazing what possibilities lie ahead for expanded dealership improvement. 

So, now the NADA Show will be held virtually Tuesday, Feb. 9, through Thursday, Feb. 11. They will offer more than 60 educational workshops and sessions, franchise meetings with OEM partners, an online NADA Expo and more. The event will also feature NADA Academy instructors, legislative and regulatory experts and other top industry professionals with a full education program.

AutoSuccess will help spread the messages of 2021 NADA as well. Look for our webinars, podcasts, special newsletters and an NADA edition of the magazine coming soon. will be a hub for all of what NADA exhibitors have to offer dealers during this special time. 

So, while I’ll have to wait to have authentic gumbo and the amazing oysters again, I look forward to how this virtual experience will help dealerships grow throughout 2021.

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