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Podcast: Changes in the F&I Department

Scot Eisenfelder, CEO of APCO Holdings, discusses changes in the finance and insurance department.

Scot Eisenfelder Takes Helm as CEO of APCO Holdings

APCO Holdings’ current chairman and CEO, Finbarr O’Neill, will assume the position of executive chairman.

APCO Holdings Welcomes Scot Eisenfelder as SVP, Strategy and Planning

Eisenfelder will guide APCO Holdings in developing corporate plans for business development and aligning company strategy and priorities with current and future business needs.

Is Email Marketing Most Effective?

Every marketing channel has its pros and cons. Relying on one channel alone limits your reach, ignores the way consumers behave and may not be the best channel to support your campaign objective.

Leadership Podcast: Great Ideas

We’ve return to ask some of our past guest to ask them where do your great idea come from within your organization.

Podcast: Service Revenue Leaks

Scot Eisenfelder, CEO for Affinitiv, joins us to discuss stopping service revenue leaks.

Stop These Service Revenue Leaks

In many dealerships, service revenue is leaking away in the form of lost opportunities. Learn how to identify and stop these common leakage points and keep your dealership competitive with increasingly aggressive independent repair facilities.

The Power of a Good List

Marketing vendors talk a lot about strategy and messaging, but as we know, that’s only part of the equation. To maximize your return on investment, you also need a really good list.

Shifting to a Razor and Razor Blade Business Model

In the next few years, learning how to operate a razor-and-razor-blade business model will allow dealers to continue growing profits, even as front-end profit margins go the way of the dodo bird.

It’s Time to Step Up Your Service Conquesting Efforts

If you’re like most dealers, your current focus is to grow fixed ops revenue. If this is your goal, it’s critical to step up service conquesting efforts. Dealers can no longer rely on expanding new vehicle sales to feed their service department.

Affinitiv CEO Shines Spotlight on 5 Industry Disruptors Affecting Auto Dealers in 2019

Five trends that Eisenfelder has identified as having more immediate impact include declining front-end margins, improved product quality, more onboard technology, aging units-in-operation (UIO) and consumer expectations.

What’s Your Customer Data Worth?

Your database is more than a receptacle for customer records. It’s a strategic asset that can be used to identify and communicate directly with the most valuable customers in your PMA, which in turn will significantly boost your gross revenue and profits.