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NADA 2022: DealerSure, Making Insurance Easy

DealerSure makes updating a customer’s auto insurance a seamless part of the auto-buying process.


Kevin Bradberry of DealerSure demonstrates the easy-to-use app that helps dealership salespeople update their customer’s auto insurance, making it a seamless part of the auto-buying process.

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Kevin Bradberry: Hey, Kevin Bradberry here with DealerSure at NADA 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada, demonstrating our incredible referral program that we give to dealers at no cost.

Basically, this enables you to insert an insurance quote right in the middle of the car sale.

So the insurance referral is super fast, super simple, super easy. Mr. Customer, we just got you a great deal on your car. Let’s see if we can save you some money on your car insurance. They tap that referral button. They do the insurance referral. They can also give the app to the customer. Now the customer can do referrals as well as an actual car sale referral for the salesperson. All they do is they tap the ad referral button. They add insurance referral, they put first name, last name, cell phone, email preferred time to contact — preferred time to contact is really important because number one, never ever, ever screw up a car deal, right? Number two, always adhere to rule number one: never screw up a car deal.


So we’re going to make sure that that quote happens. And then they submit. As soon as they submit that, it automatically goes to the call center, the call center contacts the customer does an actual insurance quote for them. There’s also a referral option here for the customer to do a referral for the actual car sale. So in addition to that, once the initial referral happens, the wheel right here shows you what’s going on with the sales quote. The initial referral takes about six seconds. As soon as that referral happens, it takes nine minutes to complete the quote from start to finish. We bind the policy. One of the advantages of this is that there’s a $25 referral fee that goes right on the phone for the salesperson. Salespeople love it because they can then go right to their wallet. And, actually, they can put it into any one of 200 gift cards or write into their bank account, or they can have it as a prepaid debit card.


And it’s a super for fast, super simple, super easy way for car dealers to help save money for the customer. It’s a value-added proposition because we’re doing the insurance quote right in the middle of the car deal. The customers love it, the salespeople love it and the dealer loves it too.

So you can find us at online, or you can call me anytime on my cell, 813-477-0297. We’ll see you out there.

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