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Market Scan’s Monitor Applications Enable Customers to Adapt to Evolving Market Conditions

Market Scan, now part of S&P Global Mobility, is highlighting its forward-looking product roadmap during NADA 2024.

Dominion DMS Announces Integration with Market Scan

Dominion DMS announced a partnership with Market Scan Information Systems, Inc.

Just Because You’ve Lowered Rebates Doesn’t Mean You’ve Solved the Problem

Manufacturers can determine what incentives and rebates are needed to achieve the most competitive position based on market data. And retailers can take advantage of the modern retailing solutions available, which provide consumers consistent and all-inclusive payment quotes.

Scientific Data Quickly Becoming the ‘Last Mile’ for Automotive

Today, each of the primary areas of the industry has access to the most powerful analytics platforms ever created to make educated, tactical and profitable decisions — all for the benefit of the customer.

Attracting Younger Customer Bases

Dealers bring millennials and younger audiences back to the showrooms using sophisticated data and technology solutions.

Scientific Data Quickly Becoming the ‘Last Mile’ for Automotive

Completing the customer journey to purchase.

Market Scan Survey Emphasizes Importance of Consistent Payment Quotes Digitally and In Sales Showroom

Consumer interest drops dramatically when showroom offers are just $50 different from what consumer was quoted online.

How All Components Are in Place for Automotive Digital Retailing in 2021

Many components must be artfully tied together to deliver transparent messaging for every step of the customers’ journey.

Podcast: How to Improve the Digital Retailing Experience

Rusty West of Market Scan discusses how dealers can use data and technology to improve the digital retailing experience.

Market Scan and Tekion Partner to Revolutionize Automotive Retail Desking

Through the partnership, Tekion’s Sales module will be powered with Market Scan’s mScanAPI solution – a leading database and payment calculation technology.

Market Scan Teams with Experian to Help Automotive Lenders Understand Local Finance Market

Through the collaboration, Experian and Market Scan will offer mGauge, a state-of-the-art analysis tool, to automotive lenders hoping to gain more insight into the interest rates that competitors offer based on geography, vehicle and credit risk tier.

Market Scan Introduces Three New Products Designed to Increase Dealer Profitability and Improve Customer Experience 

Market Scan debuted three new products, mPortal, mDrive and mProve Diagnostics, at NADA 2019.