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The Benefits of Google’s GA4 Update

Learn about what’s changing with Google’s incoming GA4 update, and also about the benefits that the update provides for dealerships.

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Holding Vendors Accountable in the Era of GA4

Auto dealerships shouldn’t be expected to take on the task of sifting through the noise anymore. 

Lessons from the Digital Marketing Strategies Conference

Stop doing what everyone else is doing, try new things and rise above the pack.

Google Analytics is Being Discontinued, Time to Set Up GA4

Google Analytics 4 has some serious changes to its functionality. Our old favorite reports may be different than in the past.

The Data-Driven Dealer Series, Part 1: Where’s Your Data?

Successful marketing comes from understanding your customers’ identity. Building a picture of who has purchased from you helps target who is likely to buy in the future.

Generations Digital Introduces Analytics Express, Report Designed to Hold Lead Vendors Accountable

Each month, Analytics Express clients will receive their formatted and consolidated Google Analytics and third-party classifieds reports by secure email.

Your Dealership Needs to Leave These Marketing Mistakes in 2018

With a new year here, it should bring on new goals, ideas, strategies and tactics for your online marketing. Most of you reading this did not finish first in your region, as there can only be one winner.

Setting Up Your 2019 Automotive Digital Marketing Strategy for Success

This is it: 2019 is here! It’s time to get digitally organized.

Challenging Myths: Auto Dealership Lead Performance Reports

While doing research for an upcoming book, I asked marketing managers and GMs how they evaluate the success of their marketing investments. While total sales opportunities and units sold per month are the ultimate KPIs, many dealers have flat-to-declining sales.