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Facebook Changes to Marketplace Listings, Part 2

As of Sept. 13, automotive Facebook Marketplace Listing Partners will no longer be able to push their inventory catalogs into the Facebook Marketplace as listings. This creates new challenges but also offers benefits for dealerships.

Facebook Changes to Marketplace Listings Intent to Empower Dealerships, Limit Third-Party Marketplaces, Part 1

These changes will quickly and dramatically change the way dealerships can target potential buyers, manage digital advertising, generate digital leads and attribute sales.

How Facebook’s Feud with Apple May Impact Auto Dealers

With Apple set to implement new privacy measures, the impact to Facebook will be significant, and will impact the way auto retailers need to leverage Facebook to ensure continued efficiency and results.

PureCars, Facebook: Social Marketing Tools’ Impact on Dealer Advertising

The study shows how today’s digital advertising resources measure and attribute offline sales back to Facebook/Instagram.

Dealers United Leverages Facebook Click to Marketplace Ads to Boost Dealer Sales

C2MP Ads display a dealership’s live inventory on Facebook to in-market auto shoppers, driving shoppers to a dealership’s Facebook Marketplace listing.

Dealer-Focused Webinar: ARE YOU THERE?

Insignia Group is launching a LIVECast series focused on the need to approach and engage customers where they live and work.

Mitchell 1 Shop Management Workshop Sweepstakes

Attendees will learn how to get the most out of their shop management system, and also have an opportunity to network and share ideas.

MAX Digital and LotVantage Partner to Make Social Lead Generation Easy for Dealerships

Participating dealers can leverage the full range of LotVantage services, including ad placement on Craigslist, Facebook, eBay and YouTube, with any of the MAX tools for inventory management, digital retailing or showroom collaboration with MAX Syndication.

Luxury Auto Group Test Drives Messenger Ads to Push Courtesy Vehicle Sales

How can a dealership drive sales using Facebook Messenger ads and virtual BDC operators? It is no surprise that advertising with a direct messaging component would have great success. Messenger ads are one of the most effective ways to open a conversation with a potential customer lead.

How To Create Your Own Facebook Ad Campaigns and Get Stellar Results

Managing Facebook ads on your own saves you money can drive low-cost leads and web traffic, as long as you use the right tools.

How to Create Your Own Facebook Ad Campaigns and Get Stellar Results

Facebook Ads can be an effective advertising tool to drive low-cost web traffic and leads for auto dealers.

The Top Ten Companies to Watch in 2019

10 Innovative Digital and Technology Companies That Help Dealers Maximize Profits On and Off the Lot — These companies are leading the industry and are helping achieve measurable results for some of the most demanding and successful dealerships, associations and OEMs in the industry.