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How To Create Your Own Facebook Ad Campaigns and Get Stellar Results

Managing Facebook ads on your own saves you money can drive low-cost leads and web traffic, as long as you use the right tools.

Facebook Ads can be an effective advertising tool to drive low-cost web traffic and leads for auto dealers. Instead of outsourcing these campaigns to an agency though, with the right tools you can generate incredible results managing ad campaigns on your own.

The keys to any successful ad campaign are making sure you reach the right audience at the right time with the right message.

The Right Audience
You want to reach people who are most likely to respond to your offers. Facebook has limited built-in targeting options to help reach the right audience, such as basic geographic and demographic information. Your own customer lists are great in terms in quality, however, these lists tend to be small, and you want to be able to reach new prospects.

By using Oracle Data, you can target prospects by vehicle ownership, vehicle age or price, auto service spending, or even income or credit score. There are literally thousands of data options that allow you to reach a large audience of quality prospects that are the best fit for your ad’s offer.

The Right Time
You also need to reach prospects at the right time. If a prospect just bought a vehicle last month then timing eliminates them as a prospect. Oracle data can solve this.

Using data from many partners, Oracle data allows you to target people who are “in market to buy or lease” a vehicle, and this list is constantly updated. Oracle data integrations to Facebook are only available through Oracle Data Partners, so you will need to work with a qualified vendor to have access to these tools. You are at a big disadvantage to other dealers without them.

The Right Message
Finally, your ads must be relevant. Relevancy has a big effect not just on overall response, but how much you pay for your ads. The more your ad content is relevant to the audience, the higher your ad relevance score and so you pay a lower cost per click on Facebook.

One of the best ways to make your ads relevant is running dynamic inventory ads. Instead of creating an ad with a static OEM image of a vehicle, or even several vehicle photos from your inventory, you create a feed of your inventory. The vehicles display in a carousel ad that changes based on the user.

If two people view the same ad campaign, one might see SUVs and another see trucks. Why? Facebook can show specific vehicles to each individual based on their interest, either based on vehicles they have searched on your website or national sites like This offers the best of both worlds, reaching both high quality and high quantity audiences, where the ads are customized to be most relevant to each person. In some cases, we see increased relevancy through dynamic ads drop cost per click by 50 percent or more!

Managing Facebook ads on your own saves you money can drive low-cost leads and web traffic, as long as you use the right tools. You want to find a partner that: 1) is an authorized Oracle Data Partner, 2) can provide you a dynamic inventory feed in Facebook’s Auto catalog format, updated daily and 3) will install a Facebook pixel on your site for Broad Audience targeting.

Track your results and you should see significant increases in performance using these tools.

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