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Auto Magic Ceramic Spray Combines Science with ‘Bit of Magic’

In addition to lasting beading and sheeting performance, the ceramic formula offers UV and chemical protection.


Auto Magic announces the launch of Ceramic Magic Spray to its family of high-performing products. 

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Formulated with advanced SiO2 ceramic technology, detailers can deliver to their customers a deep-luster shine with incredible beading and sheeting performance that lasts for months. The ceramic formula also offers UV and chemical protection. Ceramic Magic’s most amazing feature is that these high-performance benefits are achieved through a simple spray-on, wipe-off application process, designed to help increase detailer productivity. 

“Today’s professional detailers demand products that perform to grow their business” said Raphi Fuchs, vice president and general manager of ITW Evercoat, manufacturer of Auto Magic products, “Ceramic Spray sets a new standard for premium professional detailing solutions. The ‘magic’ is how fast detailers can achieve an incredible shine that lasts for months.”

Ceramic Magic is available from Auto Magic authorized distributors. 

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To watch a video on Ceramic Magic, click HERE.

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