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Light at the End of the Tunnel

While not to diminish the many hardships the world has braved over the last nine months, I’d like to use this space and end 2020 on a positive note.

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With promising vaccination news in the headlines, I genuinely feel there is light at the end of the tunnel.

This got me to thinking about how we’ll look back on this past year, how our lives have changed and how we’ll move forward. 

What are you going to do with this opportunity and the new processes we had to quickly adopt during this dark time? Will you go back to your dealership’s old ways, stick to your new way of selling and dealing with customers or will you take the best from both and make it your new dealership process?  


Take this time before the start of the new year to examine what worked, what didn’t, what improved and what are you excited to implement as soon as customers are more willing to get back inside your dealership.

Did you try some new vendors or digital retailing tools that will advance your dealership into the next year and beyond? Which ones really stood out to you and which ones didn’t live up to the hype? Think about the ones that have improved not only your side of the selling experience but also the customer’s side. 


Next look at each of your departments. Which ones thrived and why? Was it the people or processes? Who amongst your employees has stepped up and taken initiatives to keep improving? Think of ways you can reward them and encourage others to follow suit. 

Now is the time to quickly digest this information and be ready to apply it to the next step of where our industry is going. 

If you find you aren’t satisfied with the level at which your store is performing, consider reaching out to others in the industry. Our industry is made of some of the most innovative, creative, hard-working and forward-thinking individuals and right now is the time to learn from each other. We need to lean on each other like a huge 20 Group, sharing best practices, experiences, ideas and strategies.


There are so many free resources available out there. Also look to the associations you belong to — they can be invaluable sources of assistance. Over the years, contributors to AutoSuccess have shared their wealth of knowledge on just about every topic across the dealership. We’ve got it all available to you on our website for free. 

If you’re looking for help on a topic and don’t find it at Shoot me an email and I’ll do everything I can to help. 

So, here’s to helping others, looking back (but not for long) and moving forward with hope, generosity and compassion. 

Happy Holidays!

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