Know the qualities you want in the products that come to work for you — and get the best candidate.

The decision to bring in new hires for your business is almost always the result of growth: more tasks to accomplish, more locations to serve, more expertise needed. Once you’ve identified the areas requiring added attention, you seek candidates whose combination of experience, skill and training best match your needs. As a rule, the more you know about both the person you’re hiring and the role they will fill, the more likely you are to get exactly what you need.

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It’s a rule that also applies to the products you hire to work for you, like your marketing software. Just as you want the most-qualified applicant as your next employee — someone whose specific skills and innate characteristics strengthen your weak areas — you also want to hire the marketing platform that delivers the best combination of expertise and experience. Those qualities should include:

Being on Time — and Timely — Punctuality is key to your marketing platform, just as it is for any employee. You need the most timely and relevant communications going out to your customers. A system that relies on real-time data integration — that is, one that’s driven by continuous up-to-the-minute data capture — gives you the most accurate and useful overview of customer activity to drive your messaging. Data coming from multiple feeds and acquired from third-party sources provides the most comprehensive scope of information, and a platform built on technology that easily fits your specifications is also ideal.

Excellent Communication Skills — Effective communication means more than finding the right words; it’s how those words are articulated that determines the real impact of your message. Your marketing platform should use all communication channels — including email, mobile, digital and mail — to engage customers throughout their ownership lifecycle, seamlessly integrating those channels through a cohesive look and feel.

Needs No Supervision, Works Well Independently — Your marketing platform should single-handedly — and automatically — deliver everything you need, precisely when you need it. The ability to connect with each customer individually through automated message targeting, timing, design and delivery — all via one source — is ideal, as is a system that also incorporates the latest technology and industry best practices to constantly capture attention and ensure engagement.

Consistently Performs Above and Beyond Job Requirements — Think of the ability to generate additional sales or service revenue whenever the opportunity arises as on-demand performance. A comprehensive marketing system responds to these opportunities with a ready and complete arsenal of communication tools, including an extensive selection of professionally designed sales and service templates, 24/7 online access to a live on-demand gallery, fully customizable elements, same-day turnaround and much more.

Keeps You Informed and Up-to-Date — Ensuring the best ROI for your business requires an ongoing awareness of job performance and results achieved in every area. Your platform must be scrupulously honest and straightforward, providing real-time reporting and comprehensive insights on all your marketing components. It should offer you easy, unlimited access to any information you need, with the exact amount of detail you prefer, and be fluent in tracking, monitoring, planning and scheduling as well.

Provides Unlimited Support to Your Entire Team — The right marketing platform is not just software; with a network of dedicated team members and field reps, creative experts and constant technical support, it becomes a full-service extension of your own team, fostering rewarding and productive relationships with your customers throughout their ownership lifecycles.


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