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The Power of GUV Disinfecting Lighting in Auto Dealerships

What is Germicidal Ultra-Violet (GUV) Lighting and How does it work? 

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Germicidal disinfection lighting is light that operates at a specified wavelength to inactivate harmful pathogens and viruses. The majority of germicidal UV light is in the non-visible spectrum and is effective against molds, fungi, bacteria and viruses — including SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19.     

GUV wavelengths alter RNS/DNA of pathogens that either neutralizes or kills pathogens. GUV lighting must be applied properly. This would be referred to as “dose,” which is a factor of intensity, distance and time. Correct calculations of dose will produce a 99.99% success kill rate. 

The Challenge: 

Providing your staff and clients with the confidence and assurance that they are in a safe, clean and healthy environment.   

Auto dealerships encompass a range of spaces, activities and objects, as well as a presence of staff and customers. Physical cleaning, no matter how often, isn’t enough to bring each area, surface or object to clinical levels of disinfection. As dealerships cope with COVID-19 and other future potential life-threatening pathogens, an enhanced level of disinfection is critical in keeping operations uninterrupted and profitable.   


The Solution: 

Implement an adaptable multi-tier GUV Lighting strategy.  

There are several methodologies of germicidal UV lighting: 

Upper room air. This method disinfects air above a specified floor height. Wall or ceiling mounted products are used in this application and are ideal for showrooms where air is in constant circulation.  GUV upper air has become one of the more popular solutions because it can be in continual operation and people can be present in the space.   

Surface disinfection. Surface disinfection solutions are either permanently installed systems or portable units. These systems disinfect what is in the line of light with some reflective capabilities. Permanently installed systems would be ideal for office spaces, lounges and waiting areas. Such systems require a run cycle between 15 and 45 minutes to be effective and require the spaces to be empty from people.   

Portable units typically have shorted disinfecting cycles and are ideal for use on car interior surfaces following a customer’s test drive or in final cleaning prior to customer delivery. Studies show that GUV lighting has little or no effect on the deterioration of materials.  


Object disinfecting. The need for disinfecting objects that are touched by multiple parties is a third method for enhanced disinfecting. Disinfecting chambers are used for this solution. Such chambers range in size from a standard microwave oven to a refrigerator. Examples of use would be the disinfection of keys, auto accessories or shared tools. The disinfecting time within these chambers can be achieved in a matter of minutes.   

Is GUV Lighting Safe? 

Germicidal ultra-violet lighting, if properly installed, monitored and maintained, is both safe and effective.  

At specific wavelengths, GUV lighting exposure may cause mild sunburn and if one should look directly into the light source, short-term eye irritation can occur. Many manufacturer products will include integrated safety features as well as secondary control systems to prevent against harm to individuals, but it is critical for GUV systems to be properly applied and operated to ensure safety. 

With the recent popularity and use of GUV products, special care and training will be required to make sure the choices you make about germicidal lighting solutions do not injure anyone and are applied properly to inactivate pathogens.     


No matter when the current pandemic is over, GUV lighting will help you create a healthier environment, better situate you against future risk and provide your staff and customers with the assurance that they are in a clean and safe environment.   

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