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Dealertrack DMS Announces First-Ever DMS Edge Event Series

Dealertrack DMS, a Cox Automotive brand, will host DMS Edge, its first annual user event series from September 19-22, 2017 that brings on-demand training and dealership management systems (DMS) best practices right to the dealer online.

Salt Lake City, UT – Dealertrack DMS, a Cox Automotive brand, will host DMS Edge, its first annual user event series from September 19-22, 2017 that brings on-demand training and dealership management systems (DMS) best practices right to the dealer online. DMS Edge will serve as both an educational and engagement platform for current Dealertrack DMS dealers to better understand core technology and directly interact with Dealertrack and Cox Automotive leaders to maximize the potential of their DMS.

The first of its kind virtual event will be a free, 4-day series starting on September 19. More than 15 presentations and workshop sessions on key DMS topics will be offered to expand DMS user knowledge and utilization to ultimately optimize dealership processes.

“Our dealer partners communicate loudly and clearly that they need and want a better understanding of their DMS capabilities,” said Paul Whitworth, Senior Vice President, DMS & Fixed Operations, Cox Automotive. “Through DMS Edge, we honor our commitment to further educate, engage with, and empower our DMS client base.”

The DMS Edge experience will also come to life exclusively for Dealertrack DMS users on November 11-12, 2017 in Atlanta. This separate, two-day in-person event kicks-off with keynotes from the Dealertrack DMS leadership team, and will feature instructive courses based by role (G/L, business office, and management). While the DMS Edge live, virtual training sessions in September are free, there is a registration fee for the in-person Atlanta event of $395 per person,.  There is a group discount of $250 per person for groups of five or more. Space will be limited for the live DMS Edge event.

“The DMS Edge series creates a one-of-kind experience to connect with and help our dealers innovate and grow their business by unlocking and expanding the power of their DMS,” said Candy Lucey, Sr. Director Marketing for Dealertrack DMS. “We are always looking for open, honest questions and feedback from our clients on how to make the DMS experience better, and these sessions will provide the perfect opportunity for those interactions.”

Keynote speakers for both the virtual and in-person events include Dealertrack DMS and Cox Automotive leaders Paul Whitworth and Jim Roche, Division Vice President of Marketing & Managed Services, Xtime (a Cox Automotive brand). The event series will also feature an intimate dealer panel discussing current challenges and opportunities with DMS utilization.


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