Autostacker’s New Online Tool Helps Double Parking Capacity
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Autostacker’s New Online Tool Helps Double Parking Capacity

The lift’s design eliminates bulky side posts and beams so it fits into a normal parking space.


The innovative design of Autostacker’s compact, space-saving parking lift lets homeowners, car dealers, shops and parking facilities double their existing parking capacity. And now, a new online tool makes it easier to determine if an Autostacker lift is the right solution for any combination of vehicles in a specific location.

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Simply enter the height of two vehicles into the Autostacker Height Check tool. The results will show if each vehicle can fit on the top and bottom level at each lift safety lock position, as well as how much ceiling height would be required to park these specific vehicles on the Autostacker lift.

“Most homeowners or car collectors know exactly which vehicles they would park on an Autostacker lift,” says Pat Weber, director of sales and business development, Autostacker. “For our commercial customers, the solution is more complex. A car dealer might know the range of vehicles they’d want to park on the lift, say from a Mustang to an F-150, but an airport or other parking facility operator might just want an idea of the range of vehicles that will fit on Autostacker lifts in their space. Our new height check tool makes it easy for any customer to evaluate whether Autostacker is the right solution.”

Autostacker’s unique scissor lift design eliminates the bulky side posts and beams of traditional parking lifts so it fits into a normal parking space. This also makes it possible to install multiple Autostacker lifts side by side. To further streamline the installation, up to 14 lifts can connected to a single high-speed master power unit. 


The patented design of Autostacker’s platform deck makes loading cars, crossovers, pickups, and SUVs smooth, safe, and easy. It inclines gently from the loading ramp to the wheel trough, allowing low-slung vehicles easy access onto the platform without the need for long loading ramps. When not in use, Autostacker lowers to the ground, leaving all the space above and around it clear.

Autostacker offers free design assistance for installations of four or more lifts. Simply upload your building floorplans to the website and the company’s designers will render photo-realistic views of the space reimagined with lifts installed. For product questions, technical assistance, or other support, visit or call 888-977-8225.

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