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Podcast: Turbulent Time with Pre-Owned Inventory

Dennis McGinn, CEO of Rapid Recon, and Ed French, president and principal consultant of AutoProfit and dealer principal of 500 Automotive Group, discuss how dealers

Podcast: Changes in the F&I Department

Scot Eisenfelder, CEO of APCO Holdings, discusses changes in the finance and insurance department.

Podcast: Getting Better Video Engagement

Tim James, chief operating officer of FlickFusion, discusses how videos can help dealers engage with their customers and overcome some negative stereotypes.


4 Common Misconceptions about Digital Retailing – Learn the Must Have Secrets for Success

Air Date: April 21, 2021

Digital retailing solutions aren’t magic – they take more preparation than just signing an agreement with a vendor. This webinar will focus on 4 key areas for your store to...

Build An Amazing Video Strategy Today: Five Effective Video Strategies That Your High, Mid, and Low Funnel Shoppers Will Love

Air Date: April 13, 2021

Videos that are placed strategically throughout the buying cycle, in the right place at the right time, have the biggest impact on automotive shoppers. This webinar will discuss how you...

Why Your Company's Health Insurance Costs Might Be Down -- And How to Capitalize On the Situation

Air Date: March 24, 2021

The cost of employee health insurance is one of the biggest expenses a company incurs. Even a small percentage savings can have a huge impact on your bottom line, so...