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Manheim Expands LotVision Capabilities to Include Vehicle DTC Data

Pilot Program Goes Nationwide to Give Clients More Detailed Vehicle Information to Make Smarter Buying Decisions

In a move that will help clients make more informed and confident buying decisions, Manheim is deploying Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) vehicle information at all LotVision-enabled locations nationwide. The expanded capabilities will be available on roughly 80% of Manheim’s vehicle inventory in Q2 following the success of a two-month pilot program at locations in Texas and California. Today, LotVision tracks roughly 98% of Manheim’s vehicle inventory.

LotVision is a wireless tracking device placed in a vehicle that helps dealers, transporters and team members accurately locate vehicles on auction lots to within 10 feet. In partnership with Cox2M, the commercial IoT business line within Cox Communications, Manheim recently expanded this technology to allow clients access to valuable onboard diagnostic data from the Lot Vision landing page at

With LotVision’s enhanced capabilities, Manheim now offers clients the most robust listing of generic diagnostic trouble codes in the industry. It includes more than 7,000 DTCs standardized by the Society of Automotive Engineers and updated in real-time to indicate whether a system is functioning properly. Clients will have the ability to view a vehicle’s diagnostic data on the auction lot or remotely, by searching for the VIN or work order number, increasing transparency and helping clients make pre-sale repairs and buying decisions. 

The pilot program produced a high rate of adoption by sellers (93% at Manheim Dallas and 97% at Manheim Southern California) whose feedback revealed an interest in wanting to be seen as credible and transparent. Buyer feedback confirmed that the diagnostic information is valuable and important for helping them to make smarter, more confident buying decisions.

“As Manheim broadens its focus on creating a better, more connected client experience, we are committed to delivering the vital information they are looking for to make their buying and selling decisions,” said Bob Grounds, Manheim AVP of operational excellence. “LotVision’s expanded capabilities are also an important next step in helping Manheim advance a more transparent marketplace.” 

With its ability to empower clients to find their vehicles faster and more efficiently, LotVision has become the most visited page on and accessed by approximately 95% of users via a mobile device. LotVision’s GPS tracking hardware created by Cox2M makes Manheim the largest commercial IoT deployment of its kind in North America, designed to support a larger number of connected devices over a broader area, according to the company.

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