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4 Tips to Speed Up Onboarding

Effective onboarding is critical to ensuring new employees start contributing to your dealership as soon as possible. Here are a few tips to help you speed up onboarding without missing any critical steps.


Adam Robinson is the co-founder & CEO for Hireology.

Each time your dealership has an open role, productivity and profitability take a hit. Once you have a new hire on board, it takes some time before they’re fully up to speed and driving profit for your dealership. Effective onboarding is critical to ensuring new employees start contributing to your dealership as soon as possible. I’ve outlined a few tips to help you speed up onboarding without missing any critical steps.  

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Kick Off Digital Onboarding Before Day One  

Most job seekers are already employed in today’s tight labor market. In many cases, this means they need to give their current employer two weeks’ notice, giving your team plenty of time to set new hires up for success with digital onboarding. 

Digital onboarding enables new employees to start their day-to-day responsibilities on the first day, rather than focusing on required paperwork. It also saves your HR team from repeating the same, often tedious onboarding process each time a new employee is hired. 

Onboarding tasks that can be completed before the first day include: filling out direct deposit information for automated payroll, completing tax forms, filling out benefits paperwork and signing the employee handbook. 

Centralize All Onboarding Documents 

Using outdated systems leads to many challenges. For example, you might lose a required onboarding document before a new employee starts or end up sharing an outdated version of a document, such as an employee handbook.  

Rather than collecting a stack of papers, you can stay more organized, reduce errors and save time and money by keeping all onboarding and training materials centralized in a single hiring and talent management platform. With automated onboarding, as soon as a new employee is officially hired, he or she can immediately begin the process digitally. This process also ensures each employee receives consistent materials, so no new employee will miss out on critical information. 


Track the Progress of Onboarding 

If your dealership still tracks paper files to manage onboarding, there’s always a risk for human error and you could end up missing a step in the onboarding process — especially if you’re hiring several employees at once. 

By instead centralizing your onboarding materials in a hiring and talent management platform, you can automatically track when onboarding steps have been completed and which tasks still need to be taken care of. The platform will show an overview of new hires and the status of each, including: those who have not started onboarding, which step each new hire is on, steps where action is required and which new hires have completed steps.  

Streamline Payroll and Other HR-Related Tasks  

Kicking off with onboarding and during each employee’s time at your dealership, your team needs to have the right technology to make HR-related tasks as user-friendly as possible. If employees face difficulties tracking down their pay stubs or lose track of how many systems they need to log into — such as payroll, benefits, time and attendance and countless other systems — this will only make employees frustrated and cause productivity to decline.  


By partnering with the right hiring and talent management platform, your dealership can make onboarding and other HR processes seamless, keeping employees engaged and saving time that can be spent on their day-to-day responsibilities.  

Efficient onboarding is key to ensuring new employees drive profit for your dealership. By kicking off onboarding early and tapping into the right technology, you can streamline your onboarding and get new hires ramped up quickly.

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