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4 Tips to Speed Up Onboarding

Effective onboarding is critical to ensuring new employees start contributing to your dealership as soon as possible. Here are a few tips to help you speed up onboarding without missing any critical steps.

3 Ways to Make Hiring More Efficient at Your Dealership

For each day a revenue-driving role is open, the average dealership loses $1,000 in gross profit. But, the competitive talent market doesn’t mean your dealership needs to increase spending to hire quality employees. By leveraging data and better managing your hiring process, you can reduce costs and secure top talent sooner.

4 Common Job Seeker Frustrations and How Your Dealership Can Avoid Them

Given the tight labor market, job seekers have their choice of countless open roles at the tips of their fingers. This means if your dealership has a frustrating hiring process, top talent won’t hesitate to find their next opportunity elsewhere.

Want to Stay Profitable in Today’s Competitive Market? Look at How You Hire

Dealerships today face many challenges when it comes to maintaining profitability. Profit margins for both new and used vehicles are eroding and, at the same time, personnel-related costs are on the rise.

Why Applicant Sourcing Data is Critical to Dealership Hiring Success

If certain job boards or channels do not result in quality candidates, this is a clear sign you should reallocate your budget to other, more successful sources.

Podcast: Improving Your Hiring Processes

Adam Robinson joins us to discuss how dealerships can improve their hiring processes to create a successful team.

The Evolution of Fixed Ops Roles: How to Attract Top Talent

When most people think about a career as an auto technician, they might envision having a wrench in hand, rotating tires, changing oil and other perceived greasy tasks. While this might have been the case until a decade or so ago, fixed ops careers have evolved significantly.

Looking to Drive More Fixed Ops Profits to Your Dealership? Focus on Your People Strategy

Your fixed ops department has the potential to be a major profit center for your dealership — and employees are your dealership’s main source of competitive advantage. By putting a great team in place, you can ensure your dealership secures more fixed ops business and remains successful in the event of a vehicle sales decline.

Looking to Improve Your F&I Department? Rethink Your People Strategy

To remain competitive in today’s retail automotive space, each step of the car-buying process must be a positive experience for customers. From salespeople to F&I employees, your team must prioritize customer satisfaction.

Do You Know How Much Your Dealership Spends on Job Boards?

Continuously examine how many quality applicants you’re receiving from each channel — rather than the total number of applicants — and evolve your sourcing strategy to focus on the highest-performing channels.

How the Right Employees Can Improve Your Online Brand

The average car buyer in 2004 visited five dealerships before making a purchase. By 2014, buyers visited only 1.6 dealerships. This change happened largely because buyers started completing their research online before setting foot in a dealership.

Does Your Dealership Have the Right Payroll Provider to Reach Your 2018 Goals?

When it comes to talent management, dealers have two main objectives: increase employee productivity and decrease expenditures. An integrated payroll and talent management platform can help you accomplish both by helping your business run more efficiently and cutting down on costs — including automating tax record-keeping and filing and reducing payroll fees.