1Click Auto Auction App Debuts, Disrupts Auction Model with Flat-Fee Pricing and Ratings
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1Click Auto Auction App Debuts, Disrupts Auction Model with Flat-Fee Pricing and Ratings

1 Click Auto Auction (1 Click ) debuts with an industry-disrupting application and fee structure designed to change the way dealers buy and sell cars at auctions. Created by car guys tired of paying exorbitant auction fees, 1 Click enables dealers to buy and sell their vehicles on the application platform within minutes. 

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The app offers one-minute easy-to-list auctions, exacting filtering tools that enable searches for the precise vehicles the dealership is looking to find, robust valuation tools using pricing guides and vehicle condition reports, and a five-star buyer and seller rating system. 

“1 Click was built by car guys for car guys,” said Mark Gibson, co-founder of 1 Click Auto Auction. “My co-founder, Brian, and I have been the ones standing in the rain waiting for auction, arguing over the valuation after an incorrect condition report, paying excessive fees just to buy or sell vehicles. We knew there had to be a better way, and when we didn’t find one in the market, we made one.”


1 Click Auto Auction launched recently in Central Texas, with plans to expand into the rest of the state quickly, with nationwide plans on the horizon. The fee structure and easy-to-use application have been making waves with local dealers eager to cut auction fees that can run into the tens of thousands monthly. 1 Click Auto Auction gives dealers the choice of flat monthly price plans, depending on the number of users accessing the system, and starts at $599 monthly regardless of the number of cars bought and sold. 

“Many of the dealers we’re talking to tell us they are paying in the range of $300-$600 in fees per car at auction,” said 1 Click Co-Founder Brian Bruce.  “When they do the math, buying or selling of even 10 cars through traditional auctions, they understand very quickly how much money can be made and saved using 1 Click. It’s a game changer.”


1 Click also protects both buyers and sellers with its five-star rating system. After a transaction, both parties are able to rate their experience. If a buyer or seller falls under a 2.5 star rating, they are requested to surrender their app privileges. 

1 Click Auto Auction

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