• While running a successful dealership may feel at times like a sprint — with special events, thrust months and the like — it’s actually more like an endurance sport. The same mental fortitude that it takes to compete in the Tour de France, for instance, is what allows some dealers to achieve victories that others just can’t fathom.
    Just like cycling, having success in your dealership starts with vision. My goal was to compete at the highest domestic level of professional cycling. To accomplish that, I had to have a clear vision in my mind of what that looked like, and what steps I’d have to take to achieve that goal. Dealerships need to have that same vision. Do you want to be the No. 1 dealership in your city, your state, your region or in the whole country?

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  • AutoSuccess & DealerELITE are both designed to keep the view from the sales floor front and center in everything we do, and we've come up with an exciting new way to accomplish this. Our new Dealer Panel gives voice to dealers, GMs and sales professionals to share their experiences — sales techniques, new technologies and ways to motivate staff — giving our readers the benefit of their experiences.
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