Huzzah! We’ve finally entered a time where car dealers no longer see digital communication as a hot commodity, but a necessity. Unfortunately, it coincides with a boom in communications technology and a surge in chat vendors trying to sell dealers “shiny new things.”

With so many options, how do you discern what features work and which ones are just smoke and mirrors? How do you protect your customers from terrible online service? How do you make sure your chat investment makes you money?

Don’t Panic. This five-step guide has all the information you need to find the most effective chat solution in today’s landscape.

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Jones Honda, part of the Jones Family of Dealerships in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has a great reputation for retaining customers and providing outstanding sales and service experiences. What the dealership lacked, however, were the tools and marketing strategies needed to get those customer onto the lot in the first place.

“Once customers come and see our facility and meet our people, we have a high conversion rate,” said Kris Jones, General Manager of Jones Honda. “Typically, if they’re coming, we’ll close them. Just this past weekend, we had a customer from Maryland who came in because they love our store. They’ve bought three cars from us over the last 10 years. They literally passed two major Honda stores to get here. We have a loyal customer base, even by Honda’s standards, and they measure everything.”

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