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Why Pushy Sales Tactics Are in the Past

It’s time to abandon the traditional selling tactics, like cold calling, and switch to a system that actually works.

Podcast: Personalized Videos

Mike DeLong of Covideo discusses how sales teams can use simple videos to deliver a personalized experience for buyers, differentiate themselves from the competition, and ultimately increase sales.

Podcast: Race to the Bottom

Jim Binkley of Binary Automotive Solutions talks about how dealers can keep from “racing to the bottom” with successful marketing strategies.

Podcast: Desking for Profits

Bill Wittenmyer of Elead discusses how dealers can use their desking tool to provide customers with options to help them decide what’s right for them.

Podcast: Service Technician Performance

Dennis McGinn, the founder and CEO of Rapid Recon, joins us to discuss how to drive performance from service technicians.

Podcast: Navigating the Pandemic and Beyond

Amy Hughes of Experian joins us to discuss how data is the key to navigating today’s business climate.

Leadership Podcast: Mistakes Leaders Make

We’ve returned to some of our past guests to ask them what one mistake they witness leaders making more frequently than others.

Podcast: Staying Productive While Working Remotely

Laurie Halter, owner for Charmisa! Communications, joins us to discuss ways to stay productive while working remotely.

Podcast: Leaning on Others for Support

David Adcock, executive vice president of Binary Auto Solutions, joins us to discuss leaning on your partners for support during times of crisis.

Podcast: Bringing the Showroom to the Customer

Kevin LeSage joins us to discuss bringing the showroom to the customer in the age of the coronavirus.

Podcast: How Lead Enrichment Helps Your Sales

Todd Smith, president and CEO for 360Converge, joins us to discuss lead enrichment and how it can help your sales.

Podcast: Generating New Profits From Your Inventory

Mark Paul, president and CEO of AutoAp, joins us to discuss how dealers are generating new profits from their inventory.