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RouteOne’s Digital Retail Services Now Include Customer Prequalification

This feature, available from 700 Credit, is seamlessly integrated into RouteOne’s Premium Digital Retail Services.

Despite Consumer Demand, Auto Dealers Struggle to Provide Complete Digital Solutions

Seventy-six percent of dealers are forced to handle between one to three fraudulent transactions each month. Fraud comes in many forms and remains a significant concern for dealers, illustrating the deep need for advanced digital technologies that reduce the threat of fraud while also improving the overall customer experience for shoppers.

Are You on the Front End of the Digital Retailing Transformation?

The internet has forever changed the automotive industry, with digital retailing now transforming dealership strategies across the nation. But many dealers are still hesitant to fully embrace the innovation required to ensure future success in this rapidly evolving retail world. Their reluctance could bring dire consequences.

3 Keys to Implement Digital Retailing at Your Dealership

When the light bulb finally goes on, you recognize the “brave new world” is upon you, and you understand and are ready to embrace the constituent base that is crying out to do business with you in a new manner, congratulations are in order.

Automotive Dealers Shift to Cloud-based CRM Solutions to Meet Customer Expectations

They are increasingly installing customer relationship management (CRM) software in their backend systems to proactively identify opportunities and build customer loyalty.

Stream Companies Announces Strategic Investment from Sverica Capital Management

Stream will leverage Sverica’s resources and expertise to expand the company’s portfolio of technology solutions and allied services, geared toward improving advertising reach and efficiencies for OEMs and dealerships.

Affinitiv Now Participating in GMs Dealer Digital Solution Advertising Program

This allows dealers the opportunity to leverage in-Market Retail (iMR) funds to reimburse themselves for the cost of their digital advertising services. 

Discovering Digital Retail Success

As the momentum behind digital retailing in the auto industry began to pick up speed a few years ago, Stephen Taylor Jr. and his father knew the time had come.

How One Service Advisor Can Cost You $144,000

The bottom line is this: Everyone needs to be properly trained how to always put your customers first.

How To Grow a Fixed Ops Sales Team

Establish your sales goals for all departments and outline your plan for implementation. Think big and be bold! Measure everyone’s performance daily.

Is Your Customer Retention Costing You Opportunity?

It’s time for you to get committed and start holding everyone accountable for their individual performance to get on track for making this your best year ever in fixed operations.

Podcast: Merchandising Vehicles for the Next Generation

John Hensman, VP and general manager of HomeNet, joins us to discuss merchandising vehicles for the next generation.