RouteOne: Digital Retail Solutions for Seamless Online to In-Store Customer Experiences
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RouteOne’s Digital Retail Solutions Creating Seamless Online to In-Store Customer Experiences

RouteOne offers a vast array of digital retail solutions to provide dealers, finance sources, OEMs and fintechs key functionality to compete in today’s evolving online consumer journey.

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From off-the-shelf products to custom-built solutions, the company’s 2019 results boast increased adoption and utilization across the board. 

RouteOne’s Premium Digital Retail offering enables dealers to move their business online, with a smooth transition to completion in-store. This service offers dealers not only the standard embedded online credit application features, but also automated compliance features, including Identity Verification and Credit Score Disclosure Notices, along with the ability to provide payment quotes to customers. 

All of these features combine to allow subscribing dealers to enable a robust and compliant experience for their customers. Premium Digital Retail subscriptions saw a 37% increase year-over-year. 


RouteOne’s Mobile Point of Sale enables digitization of the in-dealership process. The Mobile Point of Sale platform allows dealers to guide their customer through the finance process on any tablet so they can complete and eSign a credit application on his or her own or as guided by the dealer.

It captures and presents the credit application and related information on a tablet then seamlessly connects directly to the RouteOne system. This can help to enable a more seamless transition to the eContracting process in RouteOne as well. Credit applications originating from RouteOne’s in-store Mobile Point of Sale application increased 45% in 2019. 


Web Services and Custom Solutions
RouteOne works with finance sources, OEMs and fintechs to power their custom solutions. Through integration, these entities plug into RouteOne’s digital retailing tools to create a unique customer experience built specifically for their business and customer experience strategies.

Custom solutions can be configured to include online credit application, estimated payment calculation, vehicle finance payoff retrieval, single sign-on, send and receive documents associated to an eContract and more.

All of RouteOne’s Digital Retail solutions seamlessly flow data into a dealer’s core RouteOne platform to make a harmonious transition from online to in-store and fully support the omnichannel experience that today’s consumer demands. 



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