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CallRevu Launches ServiceVision to Maximize Customer Retention in Fixed Operations

ServiceVision helps streamline service call management and provides real-time alerts for immediate customer attention.

Auto/Mate to Roll Out Fixed Ops Report Tool at NADA

With Report/Mate users can generate reports based on virtually any data field within the DMS to view their data their own way.

How to Evaluate Your Service Director

Maybe you should consider re-allocating some of your advertising and marketing dollars spent on the front-end to the back-end. Why, you ask? Let’s do the math and see why.

Why Is It Called ‘Fixed Operations’?

Give your customers reasons to come back, keep your name in front of them every month, make sure you have convenient hours, train your service and parts team on how to effectively communicate with your customers by offering benefits, always exceed the customer’s expectations and remember: if you don’t care, they won’t either.

How About a Little Support for Fixed Operations?

Any manager who wants to do better and learn to become a top performer would not hesitate to do whatever it takes to improve on pathetic performance metrics, not to mention add an additional $500,000 in retail gross profit.

Podcast: Adding Monthly Billable Hours Into Your Service Department

Ken Lohr, senior performance manager for FrogData, joins us to discuss how to add monthly billable hours into your service department.

Helping Auto Dealers Triple Their Profits

With the amount of changes taking place in dealerships today and the speed in which they are happening, ask yourself the following questions: Is your dealership like all the others, with shrinking new car margins? Are your pre-owned margins also slipping?

Greet Recalls with a Smile, Rather Than a Grimace

There is no denying recalls create challenges for dealerships. They can throw off your service department scheduling and create friction with customers. The reality, though, is that recalls will continue to happen.

Spireon Introduces My Dealer for Kahu, Allowing Dealerships to Grow Revenue from Fixed Operations

My Dealer drives customers back to the dealership through personalized and convenient customer engagement, including right-place, right-time mobile offers.

Here’s Why Your Dealership Should Implement a Management Training Program

Not sure where to get started when it comes to building a management training program? Take a look at some examples of dealership groups with strong programs in place.

Is Your Customer Retention Costing You Opportunity?

Are you losing existing customers at about the same rate as you’re adding new ones? Do the math in your store and compare last year’s RO performance to this year’s. Is your traffic going up, going down or remaining stagnant?

Is Your Customer Retention Costing You Opportunity?

It’s time for you to get committed and start holding everyone accountable for their individual performance to get on track for making this your best year ever in fixed operations.