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Diagnosing Driveability Problems

Understanding what comes out through the exhaust valve is critical to solving any emissions or driveability problem.

Emission Systems: How Catalytic Converters Operate

An ignition system misfire is the most common cause of catastrophic converter failure. Here’s what you need to know.

Wideband Sensors vs. Narrowband — Understanding the Differences

One of the main reason’s manufacturers are going to wideband AFR sensors is because the heater channel comes up to operating temperature quicker — as fast as 10 seconds, in some cases. However, wideband sensors also need to be heated to higher operating temperatures to function effectively.

Top EVAP Tips When Replacing Fuel Pumps

Nothing is worse that an EVAP code after a fuel pump has been replaced. Discovering that the tank needs to be dropped again to address a problem can kill productivity and profitability. The following tips can help you avoid comebacks and having to drop the fuel tank for a second time.

MAHLE Develops New Generation of Thermally Insulating Piston Coatings

The combination of reduced oil flow and a small compression height helps to minimize friction and fuel consumption.