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3 Steps for Dealers to Create a More Customer-Focused Strategy

As inventory continues to challenge dealers and interest rates begin to rise, dealers are beginning to look for opportunities to continue turning customers.

The Competitive Edge of Remote Customer Service

Nothing puts a bow on the purchasing process quite like delivering a customer’s new vehicle right to their doorstep and picking up their trade-in vehicle for transport to the dealership or recon facility.

Podcast: Industry Insider Tips from Edmark Toyota

Miles Edmark of Edmark Toyota discusses how the company has improved its customer service to keep pace with market changes.

Poised for Success

Being prepared in all aspects of your life, as opposed to procrastinating, will pay off each and every day.

Podcast: Industry Insider Tips from Heyward Allen Motor Co.

Steve Middlebrooks of Heyward Allen Motor Co. discusses how his business stands apart with its customer service.

Want Borrowers to Embrace Electronic Loan Payments?

Start with these auto lending touchpoints.

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B+: Social responsibility through heliotropic leadership

Positivity is contagious and it can benefit your customers, employees and business.

VW, Audi Retailers Introduce Digital Check-In/Out Service Stations

The new digital Service Station enables customers to receive premium service even when the dealership is closed.

Poor Service is Not a Symptom of COVID!

Clients want important information and clear directions, and it starts with their first point of contact.

Podcast: Customer Service in a Crisis

Michael LaMotta, founder of Dealer Owned Warranty Company (DOWC), joins us to discuss customer service in a crisis.

Customer Service in a Crisis

In times of crisis, your customer-facing staff can also be the most important line of defense when it comes to your company’s reputation.

The Domino Effect

Consider setting quarterly resolutions, which give you a clean slate every January, April, July and October.