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Stimulus Program Summary & Details

Get an in-depth review of all the stimulus programs available to fund dealerships, along with best practices to acquire, conserve and manage capital through the crisis while protecting and serving your employees, customers and the families you serve.

Surviving & Thriving in Crisis

Entrepreneur Sean Wolfington presents The Crisis Playbook, a comprehensive guide to help dealerships survive during the COVID-19 crisis and thrive through the recovery.

An Open Letter to Dealers: Honest Perspective Amid the COVID-19 Crisis

We are all asking and thinking about what we should do right now to help dealers survive the current crisis and remain viable when the market returns to normal.

automotiveMastermind Partners with Covideo to Help Dealerships Enhance Customer Experience

Dealer partners who use the Video Messenger feature can have sales reps record personalized videos that are sent directly through the Market EyeQ platform and delivered via email.

Managing a Home Hot Zone – How to Self-Quarantine at Home

Assume someone in your home now has the flu or coronavirus. The germs can go from one family member to another. What are you going to do to reduce the risks to everyone else?

Rising to Extraordinary Challenges

This time reminds us that as leaders, we need to be constantly evolving. Adapting our businesses quickly and efficiently is how we’re going to stay in business and excel.

Podcast: Phone Data to Fight Back Against COVID-19

Cory Wright, director of training for CallRevu, joins us discuss using phone data to fight back against COVID-19.

Darwin Automotive Provides Vital Assistance & Tools during COVID-19

The Virtual Deal Maker tool enables dealership personnel to virtual “desk” their online consumers.

Podcast: Remaining Viable and Relevant When the Market Returns to Normal

Dale Pollak, executive vice president for Cox Automotive, joins us to discuss how dealers can manage their businesses in a manner that will ensure they remain viable and relevant when the market returns to normal.

Mazda Honors Healthcare Heroes with Essential Car Care Program

Inspired by Mazda dealers who implemented similar programs locally, Mazda quickly developed a nationwide plan to honor healthcare heroes across the U.S.

Going Virtual

Digital retailing is crucial if dealerships want to continue to successfully communicate with customers and complete sales, but digital retailing by itself won’t do the job. Today, a fully integrated virtual customer experience is critical to a dealership’s success.

AFIP Announces COVID-19 Car Dealer Workaround

The training can be conducted in three consecutive days or broken into segments over a two-week period. All that’s required is a computer and access to high-speed internet.